Fan Gets Tattoo Of Redskins proCane Trio From Their Canes Days

From “The U” to the Washington Redskins, the trio of Clinton Portis, Sean Taylor and Santana Moss hold a special place in a lot of fans’ hearts.

For this person in particular, though, they are also memorialized in a tattoo of the three during their days at Miami.

"You hear people say how much you impact their lives but to see this was RESPECT! It's often forgotten as time passes & memories fade that we made an impact that will last forever! @eighttodanine took me under his wing as a freshman, I took S.Dot under mine his rookie year & together we caused #HELLONEARTH #THEUCREATEDSOMEMONSTERS #THEU," Portis captioned the photo. 

The first to go through the five-time National Championship program was Moss, a walk-on turned No. 1 receiver.

Next was Clinton Portis, who rushed for more than 2,500 yards and 12 touchdowns in three seasons.

Sean Taylor was the last of the group to play college ball, as the hard-hitting safety nabbed 10 interceptions and scored three touchdowns during his last season in 2003.

They all also played together with the Washington Redskins for three and ½ seasons before Taylor’s death in 2007. 

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