Sinorice Moss

Sinorice Moss On His Way To Becoming An Actor

The New York Giants drafted wide receiver Sinorice Moss in the second round of the 2006 NFL draft with the hope that his blazing speed would allow him to develop into a dominant slot receiver. To make a long story short, Moss' career was marred by a slew on injuries that never allowed him to emerge as a consistently productive member of the roster. Moss did play in 13 games in 2007, the year that Big Blue shocked the world and took home a Lombardi Trophy. However, after suffering from a sports hernia prior to the 2010 season, Moss was placed on the injured reserve and subsequently released after receiving an injury settlement.

Moss attempted to continue his football career elsewhere, namely with the Philadelphia Eagles and Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. Neither opportunity yielded a job opportunity, as Moss has been out of football for the last several months. With Moss' football career likely in his rearview mirror, he's began focusing his time on establishing an acting career.

In 2006, before the NFL became a realistic career path, Moss made his acting debut as an extra on "General Hospital". He took a break to focus on football over the next several years, until appearing as Daniel in a short drama entitled "This Time," which documented a soldiers' attempt to win back his wife after returning from war. Moss is also credited as an executive producer on the film.

Lastly, Moss played a small role in a 2012 film entitled "The Last Fall," which ironically enough, chronicles a professional football player's attempt to move on in life after his time in the NFL is prematurely cut short.

Obviously, Sinorice Moss is not the next Tom Cruise or Tyler Perry. However, it's encouraging to know that he's found a small niche in his life to help him stay active without playing professional football. For every Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz who makes it big time in the NFL, there are several other players who, for one reason or another, wash out of the league. Moss was unfortunately one of those players, but his ability to shift his focus elsewhere in life is a lesson that many of former athletes can learn from.

After playing football for one's entire life, it's understandably difficult to cope with washing out of the professional ranks at a young age. Many players do so without a college degree, without a viable support system, without another source of income and no idea how to adjust their standard of living to reflect their new, and likely significantly reduced salary. Nobody knows how Sinorice Moss has personally with being out of the league, but he seems to have found a new passion in life to apply himself to. That's more than most other former NFL athletes can say for themselves.

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