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proCane Free Agent Signing Roundup

A lot has happened in the last 48 hours in the NFL as far as Free Agent signings and our proCanes have been at the center of it all with several proCane stars joining new teams. See a recap of all the action below:

Former 49ers RB Frank Gore signed a 3-year $12 million contract with the Indianapolis Colts.

Former Texans WR Andre Johnson signed a 3-year $21 million contract with the Indianapolis Colts.

TE Jimmy Graham was traded from the New Orleans Saints to Seattle Seahawks.

Former Giants S Antrel Rolle signed a 3-year $11.25 million contract with the Chicago Bears.

Former Redskins WR Leonard Hankerson signed a 1-year $1 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons.

OT Eric Winston re-signed with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Former Broncos OL Orlando Franklin signed a 5-year $36 million contract with the San Diego Chargers.

OT Jason Fox re-signed with the Miami Dolphins.

MLB Jon Beason re-signed with the NY Giants.

Notable proCane Free Agents still available: Chris Myers, Brandon Meriweather, Santana Moss, Colin McCarthy, Reggie Wayne, Vince Wilfork, DJ Williams, Darryl Sharpton.

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Report: Broncos Have Interest in FA C Chris Myers

Chalk this up as some of the least surprising news of the Denver Broncos offseason so far:

The Broncos’ interest in Myers would have plenty of obvious reasons. Myers was acquired by the Houston Texans in a trade from the Broncos eight years ago by Gary Kubiak and the Houston front office. Myers has been a durable starter at the pivot for Houston during that timeframe, and is a veteran who fits what the Broncos want to do offensively and has played in the Kubiak/Dennison offense.

Myers has been one of the better centers in the NFL in his time with the Texans, and he proved he could adapt to schemes when Bill O’Brien was hired as the team’s head coach.

His veteran presence will certainly be attractive to the Broncos, as will the fact that he won’t command a ton of money over a long period of time. The Broncos could likely get Myers on a cheap, short term contract as they prepare for a Super Bowl run.

This is the kind of player that you would want leading younger guys on the offensive line, someone who came from humble beginnings as a late-round draft pick and then emerged as the starting center shortly there after. Myers became a very valuable asset to the Broncos and Texans, and should be a solid starter for at least a couple more years in the NFL.

If the Broncos decide this is the way they want to go, it is because they missed out on Rodney Hudson (who signed an obscene deal with the Raiders) and Stefen Wisniewski (who might think he’s worth an obscene amount of money, like Hudson).

The Broncos have to play a bit of moneyball this offseason, so Myers could be more fiscally responsible.

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Houston Will Miss Chris Myers

For years, Texan fans seethed over the perception that Gary Kubiak was overly loyal to players. He was afraid to cut "his guys," many of whom he'd happily doled out extensions for sometime in the recent past.

Real or imagined (and honestly, like most things in life, the truth was probably somewhere in between), Texan fans believed this dynamic existed, so when they had to endure more bad seasons than good, there was a frustration level over why the Texans weren't conducting business like a "real NFL team."

Why can't they be more like the Patriots??? That was the lament. Well, you're getting your wish now, Texan fan. It's clear who's running the show at NRG Stadium, and there are no scraps in Bill O'Brien's scrapbook.

To wit, 24 hours after telling Andre Johnson he can seek a trade, now center Chris Myers is gone, released on Wednesday afternoon after his seventh season with the Texans.

Myers arrived in Houston from Denver in a trade for a sixth round draft choice before the 2008 season. It would wind up being one of Rick Smith's and Gary Kubiak's best moves as a duo, as Myers would start all of the 112 games he played as a Texan and currently carries the league's longest active streaks for games played by an offensive lineman (153) and consecutive starts at center (128).

The Texans release of Myers opens up another $6 million in salary cap space for the Texans, who are now approaching around $30 million in total cap space on the cusp of free agency beginning over the weekend. While the cap space unto itself is an exciting wrinkle in the last two days' fallout, the release of Myers sends the offensive line into a state of churn.

Presumably, this means Ben Jones moves over to his more natural center position and second year guard Xaiver Su'a-Filo moves into the starting lineup at left guard.

Upon getting the news today, Myers initial emotion was actually thankfulness.

"Apprehensiveness and gratitude just from the seven years that I was just able to be a part of the Houston Texans." Myers said on my radio show on SportsRadio 610. "Houston has been able to change my life and my wife's life tremendously, professionally and personally.

"With Mr. McNair and his wife Janice kind of opening the doors to us and seeing how the organization is run on a first class level. It just trickles down hill, from the character of the guys, to the fans to how everything is so supportive in the community. It is just all around a phenomenal experience."

Before he had a chance to notify his teammates of the news, Myers was actually met at the stadium this afternoon by his longest tenured teammate (not named Andre Johnson), fellow offensive lineman Duane Brown. Brown has never played a game in the NFL in which Myers hasn't been playing two spots down from him on the offensive line.

"Those are the kind of things that you are going to truly truly miss," Myers said. "But you understand the business part. When you play long enough you see this happen ever single year. And I think if you are able to understand it and be accepting of that process when it is your time it is a lot easier."

The most likely landing spot now for Myers would appear to be right back where he started, in Denver playing for the Broncos, only this time it would be for his head coach for a majority of his Houston tenure, Gary Kubiak. (Worlds are colliding!!) Kubiak is in the process of installing his offensive playbook, which conveniently calls for a smart, light, agile center. Myers is leaving all his options open for now.

"I'm interested in any situation that is going to be able to kind of help my family and what we're looking for right now. The interest of my kids and my wife are going to be my main concern for me," Myers said. "For one, I do want to play ball. I feel like i have a lot left in me. I've been able to take care of my body in a way to extend my career as long as I need to.

"Kubiak has his thing going on up there, and i'm very familiar with his system but there are plenty of things I want to see where my options are."

In his seven years in Houston, there may be no player more active in the community than Chris Myers. Inspired by his young son Keane, Myers' work with Operation Smile, providing children around the world with surgeries for cleft lips and cleft palates, is well documented, as is his support of charities like Blue Cure for prostate cancer awareness.

Myers was also the driving force behind the "DQ Strong" t-shirt campaign this past summer that raised $100,000 to help fight lymphoma in honor of his cancer stricken teammate, David Quessenberry.

That's who Myers is. I could go on and on about him, so I will.

Last November, our station was dedicating the afternoon drive hours one day to a campaign to raise money for the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Myers was in his car listening (something the self-proclaimed "talk radio junkie" does every day), texted me and asked what the charity was, proceeded to look up more info about it on his cell phone, and promptly texted back that he was donating $2,500.

Myers was also happy to pitch in when our station was raising money this past November to help build Hope Lodge Houston, a place where families of cancer patients being treated in the Medical Center will be able to stay for free someday. As one of our auction items, Myers happily volunteered to go to dinner with multiple listeners. It was one of the highest ticket items that sold during the campaign.

"I'm super appreciative for the city, the fans. The fans are unreal. For all the things the guys have going on in the community all their different organizations and foundations and fundraising. I've never seen anyone jump on board like Houston Texans fans. They're second to none, that's for sure."

The city will, no doubt, miss Chris Myers the father, husband, and citizen, as much as they miss Chris Myers the football player.

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Texans release center Chris Myers, Myers Thanks Houston

The Texans’ decision to release center Chris Myers changes two positions the offensive line and is another indication they’ll be major players in free agency for the first time since 2011.

Free agency begins Tuesday at 3 p.m. The Texans are currently $27.3 million under the salary cap after picking up an additional $6 million with the Myers’ move.
Myers, a 10-year veteran who didn’t miss a start during his seven seasons with the Texans, probably will be replaced by left guard Ben Jones. Jones was drafted in the fourth round in 2012 to eventually replace Myers.

If Jones moves to center, as expected, it clears a starting spot at left guard Xavier Su-a-Filo, last year’s second-round pick who had a disappointing rookie year considering he was the 33rd overall pick.

But, as coach Bill O’Brien is fond of saying, it’s about competition, so nothing is guaranteed unless Jones and Su’a-Filo earn the jobs.

Myers represented one of the best trades in franchise history. In 2008, general manager Rick Smith traded a sixth-round pick to Denver for Myers, who started 112 consecutive games.

Myers, 33, has more consecutive games played (153) than any active offensive lineman in the NFL. He also has more consecutive starts (128).

“I think I have a lot of ball left in me,” Myers said. “When you play as long as I have in this league, you have to be prepared for something like this, no matter what the scenario is.

“I’m excited to explore my options. I want to do what’s best for my wife and kids, so that could lead us anywhere.”

Myers was one of the most respected players in the dressing room, a team leader who was a tireless worker in the community. He was on his way to Haiti to participate in a relief effort involving some NFL players.

“I’m super-appreciative of everything that happened here,” Myers said. “The Texans are a first-class organization from Bob and Janice McNair on down, and I’m so grateful for my seven years here.

“I also want to express my appreciation to the best fans around. It was important for my wife and I to be in a city where we could do a lot of things in the community, and the fans treated us so well. I have so much gratitude for my time here.”

A couple of options for Myers might be Denver and Miami. The Broncos are coached by Gary Kubiak, and Myers is an ideal fit for their zone scheme. The Dolphins’ offensive line coach is John Benton, who coached Myers during his first six seasons with the Texans.

“Chris has been a mainstay on our offensive line for the past seven seasons,” Smith said in a statement. “He has been a consummate pro during his time here in Houston.

“Chris, his wife, Jenny, and his entire family have represented our organization in the Houston community with class. We appreciate his contributions and wish him the best as he continues his career.”

Myers is free to sign with another team at any time because he was released. Even though free agency starts Tuesday, teams can officially begin negotiations with free agents from other teams beginning Saturday, but they can’t sign before free agency starts.

Expect Smith, O’Brien and vice president of administration Chris Olsen to be on the phone 24-7.

The Texans are trying to re-sign some of their free agents, but we’d be naïve to think all will return.

Quarterback Ryan Mallett, cornerback Kareem Jackson, outside linebacker, right tackle Derek Newton, outside linebacker Brooks Reed, free safety Kendrick Lewis and inside linebacker Akeem Dent are some who could re-sign or leave for greener pastures.

It’ll be interesting to see who Smith and O’Brien want to sign from other teams. They have a lot of needs. If they lose Mallett, Jackson, Reed and Newton, they’ll have to be replaced in free agency or the draft.

Wide receiver is the top priority with Andre Johnson’s imminent departure through a trade or being released. The two-best free agents are expected to be Green Bay’s Randall Cobb and Philadelphia’s Jeremy Maclin.

The Texans also need another pass rusher, cornerback and nose tackle, among other needs as free agency and the draft approach.

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Chris Myers already "working out" to prep for 2015

The first regular season game of 2015 is nearly eight months away, but Chris Myers is already preparing.

"The older you get, the earlier you have to start your grind," the Texans' 33-year old center said. "I've been working out. I've been kind of hanging with the family. For the most part, I'm just here working out and doing stuff with the kids."

Myers took part in a Texans Care event on Sunday in Seabrook, and he also took a timeout to talk football. In addition to his physical conditioning, he's also had a chance to interact with his new position coach Mike Devlin.

"I met Coach Devlin," Myers said. "Great guy. In speaking with a couple of the other guys that he coached up in New York before he got here. We're real excited to be able to have him. He's a grinder of a coach and we're looking forward to it."

The jump from 2-14 two seasons ago, to 9-7 and on the fringe of making the playoffs last season, has Myers and the Texans eyeballing more improvement in 2015.

"It's just being able to stay on a steady uprise," Myers said. "To be able to improve each year. I think we made drastic improvements from 2013 to 2014. That's the plan: to be able to do it again."

The Texans won't begin their official offseason workout program until April 20.

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Chris Myers Not Intimidated by Interesting Offseason Ahead

Houston (CBS Houston) – In the midst of his tenth NFL offseason Chris Myers isn’t worried about contracts, dead money, and being cut. It’s the two primary F’s in his life: football and family. 

“I’m just playing ball man,” Myers said Sunday aboard the Princess Cruises ship as part of a Texans care event. “I just go out there and play ball. Obviously the business end kicks in but that will happens when it happens. I’m just out there focused on trying to get better for 2015.”

He has been the starting center for the Texans for 112 consecutive games. It almost seems abnormal to think the offensive line wouldn’t be situated around number 55, but that’s where the Texans are this season.

A difficult year in 2014, father time, and his possible salary has put Myers in the cross hairs as a potential cap casualty.

He is scheduled to make $8 million according to the website The Texans would save $6 million by parting ways with Myers but they would be without a starting center.

That isn’t the focus for Myers. He said he has already started working out for next season because “the older you get the earlier you have to start working out and training.”

He has also checked up on his new offensive line coach, Mike Devlin.

“Really fiery guy,” Myers said of the veteran coach who is entering his 9th year in the NFL. “Has a lot of great coaching experience throughout the NFL. Talked with a bunch of guys he has coached in the past so we’re looking forward to working with him.”

It isn’t all work and no play making Myers a dull offensive lineman. He is staying more than busy with his family. Often referring to Houston as his home, he plans on “lots of time” with the family and even a little coaching, but not football.

“Coaching T-ball,” he said of his offseason plans, “being able to enjoy the kids for the offseason.”

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Chris Myers: ‘Every game is a playoff’

Coaches cringe when they hear players mention the playoffs, but they’re just being honest.

Take Texans center Chris Myers, for instance.

Myers knows what’s at stake when the Texans play their last four games, beginning Sunday at Jacksonville.

“As of right now, every single game is a playoff,” he said. “That’s the way it is. We have to be able to win every game, and the other things will take care of themselves.

“Yeah, playoffs are always on your mind. That’s the overall goal of the NFL is to make the playoffs and to get to that big game.”

At least on his side of the ball, Myers know what has to happen.

“This has been an inconsistent year in terms of overall performances and being able to move the ball on a consistent basis,” Myers said. “When we’re on, we’re pretty strong.

“As long as we can keep working on it and keep growing as an offense and kind of instill that cohesiveness, I think we’ll be all right.”

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2000 Miami Hurricanes squad to have mini-reunion at NRG Stadium on Thursday

At the end of ESPN's 30 for 30 film 'The U', a group of Miami Hurricanes players sum up their program's successful history and culture in one sentence.

"It's a Canes thing."

On Thursday night at NRG Stadium, 'The U' squad of 2000 will be well represented, as several former players and coaches will converge as the Texans host the Colts.

Undoubtedly, the most recognizable names are a pair of former Hurricane receivers Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne. Johnson and Wayne are two of the most accomplished wide outs in NFL history and are quite used to sharing the same turf on a football field.

In addition to their years battling against each other in the AFC South, the two were teammates on the 2000 Miami squad that went 11-1 and finished second in the nation according to the AP poll. Wayne, a senior on that squad, caught a team-high 10 touchdowns. Johnson, a redshirt freshman, played in 11 games as a wide receiver and kickoff return specialist (imagine that!).

The connections don't stop there. On the Colts sideline watching it all unfold on Thursday will be head coach Chuck Pagano, who was the Hurricans defensive backs coach on that same 2000 squad.

Imagine how fun his job must have been in practice, going against Wayne and Johnson (and Santana Moss) every day. 2000 was Pagano's last year at Miami, as he advanced to the professional ranks en route to being named the Colts head man in 2012. Pagano talked at length about Johnson and Wayne in a press conference earlier this week.

"I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time and recruiting that school and recruiting Andre. Very, very; I mean we all know his talents. He’s a great player, but he’s a better person," Pagano said. "The relationships are for life. I’m fortunate enough to be coaching and playing alongside Reggie Wayne here, but being able to stay close to the guys you were around in college and guys like Andre is very special to me and my family."

Not done yet.

On the same 2000 squad, there was a relatively unknown redshirt freshman center. That center would go on to have a strong collegiate career and be selected in the sixth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. Nine years later, he has started over 100 straight games for the Houston Texans, and is now viewed as one the NFL's top centers.

Chris Myers.

If all those connections weren't enough, there is one more that Texans fans will know all too well. During the great Miami run of the late 1990s and early 2000s, the voice of the Hurricanes was...Marc Vandermeer.

Vandermeer (@TexansVoice on twitter), who has been the voice of the Texans since the franchise's inception, spent several years in Miami calling Hurricane athletics for their radio network.

So, while there will be Deep Steel Blue and Colts white on the field at NRG Stadium, there will be a lot of Miami green and orange in the heart of many. 

Rock and Roll indeed.

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Chris Myers' 100th consecutive start a testament to his preparation

HOUSTON -- Reminded of his ability so far in his career to avoid major injuries, Houston Texans center Chris Myers reached over to the wooden side of his locker and knocked on it.

That injury history, or lack thereof, is part of why Myers is approaching his 100th consecutive start with the Texans. Early in his career, Myers learned how important it was to take care of his body. He's nearly obsessive about it, and it's worked so far. Myers, 33, has the longest active streak of starts, regardless of team, among centers at 115 games.

"Any vet, any pro realizes that your body is kind of your career," Myers said. "If you want to be able to last a long time, you take care of it. I haven’t had any significant injuries, like I said, knock on some wood, but I think when you get the knick-knack ones, you’ve gotta take care of it."

Early in his career, Myers thought being in the training room was a sign of weakness. A former practice-squad member, he didn't want coaches to see him in there and think he was injury-prone. He later realized the appearance didn't matter -- the training room was a necessity for him.

Today, Myers begins the process of recovering his body each week on Mondays. He'll come into the facility an hour before anything the team schedules on Mondays to have enough time for some treatment for the soreness that comes the day after a football game. On Tuesdays, technically the team's off day, Myers goes in for some hot tub or cold tub time, any treatment he needs, and maybe some film work or an extra workout.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, days with full practices, he works on maintenance of whatever issues might crop up during the week.

Being 100 percent healthy during a regular-season week is difficult for a football player.

"It’s close to impossible," Myers said. "The older you get, I think the less chance you have of kind of getting back there. The older you get, the more you need to take care of your body and the more those little tiny injuries kind of linger throughout the season. But the more you’re in here and the more you kind of stay on top of them, the less hindrance they’re going to be on Sunday for you."

Myers even takes some of his treatment home.

He said: "If you can kind of implement that time in a regular day life, it’s a small sacrifice you have to pay to play on Sundays. To play the game that you love."

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Chris Myers Backs O’Brien Resting Texans Players Throughout Preseason

There was maybe no bigger beneficiary of how Bill O’Brien managed Houston Texans players’ health this preseason than center Chris Myers.

Myers may be the biggest fan of the strategy.

“I think it was handled unbelievably (well),” Myers said. “I mean, that’s what they get paid for upstairs, to be able to make those decisions. It’s the first camp I’ve in where guys actually got healthy during camp, as opposed to unhealthy. So it’s pretty impressive.”

Myers played only 18 snaps this preseason, all in the opener against the Arizona Cardinals. Receiver Andre Johnson played (and rested) the same amount in his only appearance, against the Denver Broncos. Linebacker Brian Cushing saw only 14, playing only against the Broncos. Running back Arian Foster and cornerback Johnathan Joseph, meanwhile, didn’t play a single down. All battled injuries in camp or were coming off of injuries last season.

It’s a delicate balance, between pushing players too hard in games that don’t count, and not doing enough to get them up to game speed for when they do.
Myers, though, said he’s fully healthy ready to play in Sunday’s regular season opener against Washington.

“I’m feeling good, feeling good,” he said. “Once you get to the regular season, no one’s 100 percent. I was happy to get some down time a little bit, but I’m raring and ready to go now.”

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Chris Myers Misses Wednesday’s Practice

Houston (CBS Houston) – After not playing Saturday against the Falcons, Texans center Chris Myers his second straight day of practice Wednesday. The team maintains it’s just another day off for the veteran.

The Texans are in Denver, where Myers previously played, for a series of joint practices with the Broncos. Rookie center James Ferentz took every snap at center Saturday in Myers place. Myers, 32, started all 16 games for the Texans last season and has never missed a game in his six years with Houston.

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Chris Myers on camp changes, 1st week "MVP"

Five days of training camp are complete, and Chris Myers can see a marked change in the Texans' atmosphere.

“It’s just overall accountability," the veteran center said. "Everyone being on top of their own game to make each other better, to practice hard every single day and being accountable for one another. Once you’re able to do that, success will come.”

Myers and company have Thursday off, but will hit the fields at the Houston Methodist Training Center on Friday morning. A starter for all 16 games a season since arriving in 2008, Myers' leadership has been a key so far in a time of change.

“We have obviously a very young team and a lot of new guys that are new to the area and the team, so being able to introduce them and take them under your wing and show them how Houston Texans football is," Myers said. "Obviously, that’s changing with Coach O’Brien, but for the better.”

A couple of young linemen have stood out through the first five days of camp.

"Alex Kupper actually jumped up there with the ones for the last few days, and he’s really making a name for himself," Myers said. "He’s playing pretty consistent and James Ferentz no. 78 playing center."

In fact, Myers described Ferentz as "an MVP for week 1".

"He’s out here grinding away," Myers said. "He’s doing his thing, he’s focusing on what he needs to do and he’s grinding away in the run game. So I’m impressed by his overall football game.”

Ferentz is a rookie free agent from Iowa, and earlier in the week, O'Brien said he's practiced well enough to give himself a "chance to make the team".

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Chris Myers joins effort to raise awareness for prostate cancer

Texans center Chris Myers is one of the many athletes and celebrities who are trying to join the Blue Cure Foundation in raising awareness for prostate cancer.

One of the goals is to get 100,000 names on a petition at by Friday to light the White House blue for a day in September, which is prostate cancer awareness month.

“A lot of people have been tweeting it and trying to bring some attention to it,” Myers said about the petition that also can be found at the Blue Cure Foundation website. “The overall goal is to raise awareness, and the petition is the biggest thing right now.

“Obviously, we want to get the White House lit for that one day, but the overall goal is to raise awareness, not only just for prostate cancer, but for men’s – and women’s — health in general.”

For the last three years, Myers has supported the Houston-based Blue Cure Foundation and Gabe Canales, the founder and president, including hosting a fundraiser last month.

“Anything I can do to help out Gabe, I’ll do,” Myers said. “When I first met Gabe, he had just quit his day job to start this organization. It was an eye-opener for me. I always thought prostate cancer was something you dealt with later on in life, but that’s not the case.

“I’ve wanted to do as much as I can to help raise awareness. I’ve had a tremendous response from people I know and don’t know who’ve had to deal with prostate cancer. This does make a difference in the lives of a lot of people.”

Myers asked that you please help spread the word about the petition as well as awareness for prostate cancer.

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For Chris Myers, every workout is like Day 1 with Texans

As a nine-year NFL veteran, Texans center Chris Myers said one of the things that keeps him going is maintaining a competitive edge. To keep that going in OTAs, Myers is treating each practice the same way he did when he was a rookie.

“For me, it is learning from scratch again too,” Myers said. “Nine years and this my first time with a whole new offense as well. We are going about it like it is Day 1 and I think that is the way you need to treat it. Go in there and try to earn your spot day in and day out. I think if you get complacent and think you’ve arrived, that is when you lose it.”

Myers said that he has treated every NFL season like it is his first and his last. He wants to play with the determination of someone just starting out and wants to compete like someone who has been around for years.

He tries to pass those lessons onto younger players, while he is trying to keep up with them.

“The older you get, the harder that is but I have motivation,” he said. “I treat every year like it is my last and my first year. There are always good players chasing right behind me. I treat them like my little brother, take them under my wings, learn the ropes and it is helping. Having those guys keeps me better.”

Myers said OTAs are the perfect time to set a veteran example and he is taking advantage of that each day.

“Right now, we are in OTAs, but when you get to training camp and the nitty gritty, that will be essential for us to have the vets in there competing on a day in and day out basis with the young guys,” he said.

“If you compete as a vet and young guys see that, it makes them more hungry.”

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Chris Myers on Texans: Everyone needs to be 100 percent committed

The Texans start their offseason workouts on Monday, giving new coach Bill O’Brien his first chance to work with the entire team he took over after Houston’s dismal 2-14 season in 2013.

A new coach means new schemes and new ways of doing things, something that isn’t always easy for veterans used to the way of life under former coach Gary Kubiak. Center Chris Myers isn’t one of those veterans, though. He called it an “exciting” time for the team and said that he’ll be on the lookout for any players who aren’t willing to buy in to the new approach in Houston.

“Everyone’s committed 100 percent. We expect that. If not, there’ll be some talking to do to some guys,” Myers said, via the Houston Chronicle. “When you’re in the NFL, if you have a close-minded personality – not open to having this new regime come in and implement its scheme – it’s not your spot. You’ve got to be able to have all the openness to be able to learn and treat it like it’s brand new. … I’m treating it like it’s my rookie year all over again.”

There’s a lot of work to be done to turn things around for the Texans, but it will have to start with the team’s leaders in the locker room embracing what O’Brien is selling. If they share Myers’ view, that should be taken care of fairly quickly.

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Chris Myers on locker room culture

With former Miami Dolphin Jonathan Martin landing in San Francisco, it appears that not all locker rooms are filled with camaraderie and good-natured towel snapping.

The Martin-Richie Incognito situation brought up some serious issues among NFL players. How much bullying really goes on when no one’s watching? What happens when teasing and hazing crosses the line?

“It’s something that definitely doesn’t happen in Houston. I can attest to that,” Chris Myers said in an interview with Texans Radio. “That’s something that has to get regulated and sanctioned on by the players themselves. When that kind of thing is getting obvious that that’s going on in the locker room, the older guys need to take it by the reins and say, ‘That’s not going to happen.’”

Eagles outside linebacker Connor Barwin wrote an editorial piece titled “My Job Is Very, Very Different From Your Job” for Sports Illustrated’s highly read column, The Monday Morning Quarterback. In his story, Barwin discusses locker room culture in light of the Dolphins highly-publicized incidents.

The former Texan gave high marks to Houston, where he spent his first four seasons in the NFL. Players like Myers helped maintain fairness and social order among rookies and veterans from all walks of life.

“The most successful position groups tend to be the ones with the best organization,” Barwin wrote. “When I was on the Texans, the O-line and D-line were led by savvy veterans like Chris Myers and (former nose tackle) Shaun Cody.”

Myers agrees but doesn’t take all the credit. Everyone does their part. Coaches and general managers recruit “high character guys” and those players help keep the sanctity of the locker room intact.

“I’m glad for Jonathan that he’s getting his fresh start out in San Francisco,” Myers said. “He’ll get a fresh start and get back on his feet and we’ll see what happens with Richie.”

Myers, who had been Barwin's teammate all through his career with the Texans, had a chance to read Barwin's article for The MMQB.

"I texted him and let him know I appreciate the kind words," Myers said. "As long as you can regulate it, and keep it in the locker room, and keep it fun, that's where you go."

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Chris Myers: The NFL Is More Than Ready For A Gay Player

Houston (CBS Houston) - Since NFL draft prospect Michael Sam announced he’s gay, there has been rampant speculation about the NFL’s readiness. But is it possible that NFL players don’t get enough credit?  Houston Texans center Chris Myers thinks the league is more than ready for its first openly gay player.

“It should have been accepted a long time ago,” Myers told SportsRadio 610. “I think the NFL has been ready for it.”

The two-time pro bowler had nothing but high praise for Sam, recognizing that it’s never easy to break down barriers.

“I’m happy for him, that he had (the) guts to be brave enough to be the first openly gay player. And I think that speaks volumes about his character and his strength,” Myers said. ”I give him all the credit in the world for being able to do this because it takes a lot of strength.”

Myers said he thinks Sam’s announcement will make things easier on other players who may be concerned about coming out.

“For him to be able to come out publicly right now, is great. I think it’s going to make strides for any other individuals who have been nervous or have had issues in the past.”

The NFL is often portrayed as a ‘macho man’s sport’ and a lot is made about the harsh environment of the NFL locker room. But Myers thinks those stereotypes have been unfairly tossed on the NFL and its players.

“The media thinks it’s one way –  society and fans think it’s one way – that (NFL players) are going to think negatively upon an individual for being homosexual and that’s just not the way it is.” Myers said. ”Will there be negative feedback? Unfortunately, yes. That’s just the way society is. I think it’s a direct effect of media and the shading of a picture of how NFL locker rooms are portrayed.”

Myers has played ten seasons in the NFL, meaning he’s been a part of ten different NFL locker rooms. He thinks a gay player would have been accepted in all of them.

“I don’t think it would have been a negative thing on any of the teams I’ve been on.” Myers said.

There have been plenty of anonymous quotes from front office personnel, quotes that foresee a tough road ahead for Michael Sam.

“For it to be anonymous, I think, to a certain extent is cowardly.” Myers said. ”If you are confident enough in your beliefs, you (should) be able to speak on them no matter what.”

The guy that lines up next to Myers on the Texans offensive line, Wade Smith, told CSN Houston he thinks Sam will be accepted too.

“I think for the most part, he’s going to be accepted well,” Smith said via CSNHouston. “I mean, the bottom line of the situation is can the kid play or not? And I think that if he can play and guys won’t really think about that.”

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Andre Johnson & Chris Myers Named to All AFC South Team by ESPN

The odd thing about the Houston Texans' nine Pro Bowl selections last season was how under-represented the defense was. Seven of the nine Texans who went to Hawaii last season were offensive players, including quarterback Matt Schaub, who told me upon arrival that he was confident he could lead the Texans to the Super Bowl.

This year's All-AFC South team -- voted on by Jaguars reporter Mike DiRocco, Titans reporter Paul Kuharsky, Colts reporter Mike Wells and I -- has a similar tilt. Five Texans offensive players are represented -- receiver Andre Johnson, guard Wade Smith, center Chris Myers, left tackle Duane Brown and running back Ben Tate. Meanwhile, defensively only ends J.J. Watt and Antonio Smith made the cut. Texans punter Shane Lechler kept the special teams portion from being an all-Jaguars affair.

Click here to see the rest of the players named.

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Andre Johnson & Chris Myers Respond To Reed’s Comments

After being asked about Reed’s comments, several Texans players responded.

“I’m all about my team,” said defensive end J.J. Watt. “And I would assume he’s worried about his. I guess if he wants to continue talking about us that’s fine.”

Before his stint with the Texans, Reed was teammates with Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson and center Chris Myers at the Universityicon1 of Miami. They weighed in as well.

“People have feelings. People feel certain ways,” Johnson told SportsRadio 610. “Maybe that’s something he felt when he was here. Other than that, I can’t really speak on it.”

Myers wouldn’t respond to Reed’s comments, but he backed his coaches play-calling.

“I played with Ed in college. And I’ve done it for a long time. He’s a great guy and a quality player,” Myers told SportsRadio 610. “He’s going to probably be a hall of fame player. But when it comes to the play-calling, leave it up to the coaches. And you know, whatever play they call, as long as we run it perfect it’s supposed to work.”

Despite his lack of production, Myers was happy the Texans brought the future Hall of Fame safety aboard:

“He’s a quality player. A much respected player in this league for a long time. And for any team to be able to get him is a huge asset,” said Myers. “Obviously it didn’t work out here, but he’s trying to make his due up in New York now. For us, it was a great chance to be able to have him and be a part of our defense. It just didn’t pan out. It was great having him while we did though.”

Reed will make his second homecoming to Baltimore this season Sunday, this time with the New York Jets. He was released by the Texans last Tuesday.

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Autograph session with Texans center Chris Myers set for Nov. 12

An autograph session with Houston Texans center Chris Myers will take place at the Academy Sports & Outdoors from 6-7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12.

According to a news release from Academy Sports & Outdoors, "Fans will have the opportunity to receive an autograph from Chris Myers. Autograph passes will be handed out two hours prior to the start of the event. There will be a limit of one autograph pass per person and fans must be present to receive the pass. An autograph pass doesn’t guarantee an autograph and only acts as a placeholder in line. Player and time may be subject to change."

Admission is free, and tickets are not required.

Academy Sports & Outdoors is at 7600 Westheimer Road, Houston.

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Chris Myers, Andre Johnson promote unity in midst of skid

The Texans’ record is falling apart. But key offensive starters were adamant Wednesday the team’s chemistry remains intact, and a 2-4 squad is mentally preparing for a critical road game at Kansas City on Sunday.

“It’s the way it has to be: strong character on this team,” center Chris Myers said. “The older guys are bringing along the younger guys and understanding that when that kind of stuff starts happening, the team starts separating. All you can do right now is stay together.”

Receiver Andre Johnson was among several players who said the team had a strong practice Wednesday and is ready to put its frustrating four-game skid in the past.

“You would think guys would be walking around mad at each other or just down, but everybody is just talking about getting out of this funk. That’s a great thing,” Johnson said. “Guys are still able to keep a positive energy around here.”

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Chris Myers is 74th-ranked offensive player

The first Texan to appear on's player ranking list is center Chris Myers.

Myers ranks 74th, just ahead of Redskins running back Alfred Morris and behind Dolphins lineman Mike Pouncey. He was one of nine Texans Pro Bowlers last season and a strong point on Houston's offensive line.

The rankings were the result of votes from 63 experts from, ESPN TV, ESPN Radio, ESPN The Magazine, ESPN Insider (including Football Outsiders and Pro Football Focus), ESPN Fantasy, ESPN Boston, ESPN Chicago, ESPN Dallas, ESPN New York and ESPN Stats & Information.

So far we have the offensive and defensive rankings from 71 to 100, with 71 to 80 being revealed on both sides of the ball today.

Myers is ranked higher on the list than 11 offensive linemen who are also ranked in the top 100.

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Andre Johnson, Chris Myers all for HGH testing

The NFL and the NFL Players Association are doing a study they believe will lead to testing for human growth hormone. Players are required to give blood when they report. The league and union are trying to see how many test positive before they implement the testing program.

“I’m all for it,” wide receiver Andre Johnson said. “I’m for it. I’m not taking anything, so I really don’t care. Whatever they need to do to stay on top of guys and make sure the game is played the right way, I’m all for it.”

Center Chris Myers agreed.

“To be perfectly honest with you, I couldn’t care less,” Myers said. “I don’t take it. I don’t know who does take it. I have never met a guy who has admitted taking it.”

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Changing plays at the line: Matt Schaub, Chris Myers talk audibles

One of the off-season discussions this year by both some fans and media is how Gary Kubiak should give more power to Matt Schaub to change out of plays at the line of scrimmage to take advantage of defenses.

It isn’t a criticism I’ve understood given the nature of the offense the Texans run. Schaub does have the power to switch plays at the line, it is just that it isn’t done with the obviousness and gyrations that some quarterbacks do.

Don’t believe me? Given that this was a common off-season topic, I asked both center Chris Myers and quarterback Matt Schaub about this on pre-camp media day so you could hear it straight from them.

I wish you could watch the video of the Q&A because neither one wanted to explain this in a way that might give opponents an advantage. In particular, Myers thought I was trying to get him to give up secrets, but really I just wanted an explanation for fans because I know this is a common topic. But this is what they felt comfortable saying:

Myers: “I’m not going to explain how we handle audibling at the line, but nice try there. That’s the way it works in the NFL. Some teams and some quarterbacks are given that opportunity because there teams offenses are based upon them going to the line and having six different plays possible then they just give the line and the rest of offense what they are going to do. In our scheme, Matt doesn’t necessarily have to do that all the time. You guys may not notice, but we audible a lot. You guys may not notice and talk about it all the time because you guys don’t notice it. It’s one of the things that come with the territory. It’s a smooth transition for us with the zone blocking scheme and with the rollouts that we have that Matt’s been able to run. We don’t have to audible as much because we have the potential for other things to happen. Our audibles aren’t the same as other teams, but we get it done just as much as they do. Everyone talking about how they need to put more pressure on Matt and how he needs to take on more of the offense. It’s there, you guys just don’t notice.”

Schaub: “If I explain what we do too much, then other teams are understanding it too. We’re glad that no one out there really knows what we’re doing. We do have a built-in system but it’s something that we do at the line of scrimmage that is not as dramatic as some teams do. We do it about 30 percent of the game. We have two or maybe three plays at the line of scrimmage and then we go from there. It’s all based on what the defense is doing. Sometimes it’s run to run, run to pass, it can be any one of those things, but it’s all predicated on the defense.”

So there you go. If they told you how it was done, they would have to kill you.

Yes, some teams’ schemes mean that they dramatically change plays. And they may change plays to a larger part of their playbook. With the Texans scheme in particular, since so much of it is from formations where run and pass are intended to look the same, they usually don’t want to be obvious in play changing. Non-obvious audibles isn’t an unusual thing in the NFL either, but appears to be a pet issue of some.

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Blue Cure Benefit: Meet Texan Chris Myers

HOUSTON - Football fans know NFL Pro Bowl Center for the Houston Texans Chris Myers as a great athlete but he is so much more. Besides being a world class husband and father, Chris is an advocate for many local charitable causes and lends his support throughout the Houston community. 

One of the many causes he supports is the Blue Cure Foundation and he invites you to join him along with KHOU 11 News Anchor Lily Jang, Dr. Carolyn Farb, Don Vaughn and other to Party for a Cure benefit at Hotel ZaZa on Friday, May 31 from 7-10 p.m.

A LIVE auction will take place at the event at the DJ stand with Judge Eric Andell. One of the many items offered during the LIVE auction is a Houston Texans ticket package donated by Chris Myers. The package includes 4 on-field training camp practice passes and 4 tickets, 1 parking pass and 4 post game passes to the November 3rd Sunday night game vs the Indianapolis Colts!

Click here to purchase your tickets and to make your reservation.

Event admission is a $35 charitable donation per person and you will help celebrate the launch of Men’s Health Awareness month while benefiting a great cause.

The first 200 guests to arrive will each receive a free Blue Cure t-shirt, courtesy of Rusty Hardin and Associates, LLP. All guests who attend will receive a signature ZaZa Drink and swag bag. Guest will be able to groove to the music of DJs Don Vaughan and Lewis Grell and have an opportunity to mingle with several KHOU 11 personalities and local sports celebrities!

More LIVE Auction Items Dinner for 20 at Carrabba’s in the Wine Room, Kirby Restaurant Portrait by Photographer Sofia van der Dys Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Package for Two Jonathan Blake Designer Gown Valobra Master Jewelers Bracelet Autographed Blue Cure T-Shirt by Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Saks 5th Avenue Black Revival Briefcase by Salvatore Ferragamo Hotel ZaZa Dallas Package

Portrait Session with Internationally Published Photographer Sofia van der Dys Sofia is praised for her eye and her passion for capturing special moments.  Her clients include: Vanity Fair UK, Carolyn Farb, 002 Magazine, Jonathan Blake, Valobra Jewelers, Tracy Locke, Sculpt Fitness, The Rothko Chapel, and The Remington to name a few. Photograph can be taken on location or at her studio. Value: $500

Directoire Blue Lindsey Dress by Jonathan Blake Designs Four Ply Silk Crepe, Extremely Versatile Dress to have in Your Wardrobe. Goes with a Variety of Shoes and Accessories. Works for any occasion. Flattering for every shape. Available in 90 Colors. You will look lovely in The Jonathan Blake Dress in your size. Value: $750

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Package Two tickets to Private Directors Club in Reliant Stadium (appetizers, lunch/dinner, and desserts, open bar with your own personal attendant) One night stay in a 4-5 Diamond, Houston Hotel Limo or Town Car to and from your Hotel. Live Concert performance of your choice upon availability Value: $1,000

Carrabba’s Dinner for 20 in the Wine Room with Rose Carrabba Johnny Carrabba has donated a special evening, a dinner for 20, in his new wine room at Carrabba’s on Kirby. Johnny Carrabba will select an exclusive menu from his favorites for this special dinner. This most sought after room at the new restaurant. It is very cozy with its fireplace. It’s a perfect space for dinner with friends or that important dinner meeting. Alcohol, tax and gratuity are not included. Date to be mutually agreeable. Value: $1,500

Saks 5th Avenue Black Revival Briefcast by Salvatore Ferragamo Understated, elegant, and functional leather Black Revival Briefcase by Salvatore Ferragamo is the perfect accessory for any man.Textured leather with polished silvertone hardware, Fold-over front flap with sliding combo lock; slit and phone pocket under flap. Value: $1,600

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Blue Cure T-Shirt Arnold Schwarzenegger Signed Blue Cure T-Shirt. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most recognized individuals on the planet. Hollywood A-List Actor featured in the Terminator series, Kindergarten Cop, Twins, Total Recall, The Conan Franchise and more. Coming up for Arnold this year, he returns to the Legend of Conan. Arnold won the Mr. Universe title at 20 and went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest 7 times. Arnold was elected California’s 38th Governor in 2003 and re-elected in 2006. Arnold has been called “The People’s Governor” and has worked with leaders of both major parties. His leadership puts California at the forefront of the nation in addressing climate change, renewable energies, stem-cell research and putting in place health care and political reforms and is very proud of providing the best possible education to every child. Value: Priceless

Hotel ZaZa Dallas Package Two Nights in a Magnificent Seven Suite. Bottle of Champagne on Arrival. Four Course Dinner for Two at Dragonfly with Wine Pairings. ZaSpa Escape for Two. Platinum Motor Cars: Italian weekend in the Ferrari and 5 hours of chauffeured service in the Rolls Royce Phantom. Value: Priceless

Valobra Master Jewelers Bracelet by Valobra Jewelry- Franco Valobra

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Six proCanes Make the NFL Pro Bowl

Six Miami Hurricanes were among those named to the 2013 Pro Bowl, announced by the National Football League offices Wednesday.

With its six selections, Miami tied Tennessee for the lead among all universities nationwide.

Andre Johnson (Houston Texans) and Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts) were two of the four AFC selections at wide receiver. The veteran proCanes wideouts, who each earned their sixth Pro Bowl nod, have played pivotal roles for their respective teams through Week 16, combining for over 200 catches and 2,700 yards. Johnson ranks first in the conference with 1,457 receiving yards, while Wayne ranks second in the AFC with 102 receptions.

Johnson's teammate Chris Myers earned his second Pro Bowl selection when he was named the AFC's back-up center. The former sixth-round draft pick was also named to the Pro Bowl in 2011.

Two of the league's best defenders, Baltimore Ravens' safety Ed Reed and New England Patriots' nose tackle Vince Wilfork, were among those selected as starters. Reed earned his ninth trip in 11 professional seasons, while Wilfork was selected to his fifth-career Pro Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers' running back Frank Gore, who recently marked his team-record sixth 1,000-yard season, was the lone proCane NFC selection. The four-time Pro Bowler has rushed for 1,146 yards this season.

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proCane Center Ranked 5th Best in NFL According to


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Chris Myers Is Named Honorary Aero for Prostate Cancer Prevention and Education

Chris Myers, Pro Bowl center for your first-place NFL Houston Texans, will be Friday’s Honorary Aero at the Houston Aeros vs. Oklahoma City Barons hockey game at Toyota Center.

Myers will drop the game puck while raising awareness of the mission of Blue Cure. The locally based non-profit foundation champions a lifestyle movement to educate men, young and old, about prostate cancer prevention, and to offer support for those affected by prostate cancer.

All this makes Friday’s game a win-win. Take the family and watch the Houston Aeros take on the Oklahoma City Barons, while also supporting a good cause.
How? Three dollars from each ticket sold at an Aeros link online will be donated by the Aeros to help Blue Cure spread its message of prostate cancer prevention. Also, Aeros players have recorded prevention tips to be played on Toyota Center’s big screen throughout the night.

When: 7:05 p.m. Friday, Nov 30
Where: Toyota Center, Downtown Houston
Discounted Tickets For A Donation:
The Aeros will donate $3 from each ticket sold at this link to help Blue Cure spread its cancer prevention message.

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Scout's Notebook: Texans C Chris Myers

C Chris Myers, #55 Houston Texans Height: 6-4 5/8 Weight: 296 Speed: 5.12

Notes: Lettered at Miami (Fla.), where he was a three-year starter, seeing action at center, both guard positions and right tackle, starting his final 38 games. Was selected by the Broncos in the sixth round (200th overall) in the 2005 NFL draft. Saw limited action on special teams his first two seasons before being thrust into the starting lineup at left guard in ’07, moving to center for the final 11 games for an injured Tom Nalen. Former Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak traded for the restricted free agent in 2008 as part of a sign-and-trade deal after Myers agreed to a four-year, $11 million contract with $3 million guaranteed. Proceeded to start every game at center for the Texans the next four years, earning Pro Bowl honors in ’11. Has started all seven games in ’12, giving him 87 consecutive starts.  

Positives: Excellent hand technician ­— locks out in pass protection and controls and steers defenders. Can dig his feet in the dirt and anchor against massive widebodies. Comes off the ball low and can move big pluggers off the line when he gets underneath their pads (see Baltimore vs. Terrence Cody). Good agility to pull, play in space and seal off run lanes working up a level. Good athletic ability and recovery speed. Alert and aware in pass protection ­— can peel off blocks and help cut off the wide rush. Understands and takes very good angles. Versatile and can play multiple positions. Football-smart, hardworking, highly durable and dependable.

Negatives: Is not a nasty or violent glass eater. Lower-body strength is adequate and still can stand to improve. Does not always run his feet and can be stalled on contact in the ground game. Can do a better job sustaining and finishing blocks. Has a tendency to set a bit tall in pass protection and could stand to play with more consistent knee bend. Average punch strength ­— pushes more than he pops and slips off defenders with athletic spin moves while trying to overcompensate for his lack of power. Will leak the edges to quick, slanting penetrators.

Summary: One of the most unheralded movement centers in the league, Myers keys the Texans’ high-paced ground game, possessing the savvy, technique and agility suited so well for Gary Kubiak’s zone-blocking scheme. Is one of the few pivots in the league who's alert and athletic enough to reverse out of pass pro and help his left tackle handle an elite edge rusher. Grades out very highly in both the run game and pass protection and is a key piece of one of the most light-footed and athletic lines in football that has helped generate Arian Foster’s exceptional production. A highly respected, savvy, veteran O-line leader.

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Player Profile: Chris Myers

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – In Sunday night’s blowout loss to the Packers, the Texans had their worst rushing day of the season. Star running back Arian Foster was bottled up for 29 yards on only 17 carries, a terrible performanceicon1 against a Green Bay defense playing without nose tackle BJ Raji.

Houston’s rushing offense has been sort of a mixed bag this season. The Texans rank 6th in the NFL in both overall rushing yards and rushing yards per game. However, more troublesome is what they do on a per-play basis: 3.8 yards. That’s 23rd(!) in the NFL, and not nearly good enough for a team that fashions itself as a ground-based, play-action football team.

Taking a look at the last three games, Houston has averaged 3.1 yards per run against the Titans, and 3.2 against the Packers. Two bad performances. Against the Jets, Foster had 152 rushing yards, but 46 came on 1 play. Removing that one play (which was very-well blocked, to be fair), and Houston averaged 3.6 yards per carry. That number, mind you, comes against a Jets defense that was sliced and diced by the 49ers eight days earlier.

A lot of fingers have been pointed to the right side of the offensive line, with newcomers Antoine Caldwell and Ben Jones at right guard, and Derek Newton and Ryan Harris at right tackle. Clearly, the transition has been turbulent at times on that side. However, the left side needs to play better as well, and that begins with center Chris Myers.

Against Green Bay, Foster had no room up the middle, even with Raji sitting out the game. Part of being an elite football team is being able to take advantage of matchups, and the interior offensive line failed to do so. I think Myers is a terrific player and one of the best centers in the NFL, but the overall inconsistencies of the rushing attack can’t all be due to the right side of the offensive line.

On Sunday, Myers faces one of the NFL’s best defensive players in Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata. He’s massive, powerful, and quick. Even with Ngata, Baltimore allowed 227 yards on the ground to the Cowboys, as Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray were able to find tons of creases. Myers needs to lead this offensive line to do the same kind of damage the Dallas line was able to inflict.

No Ray Lewis, no Lardarius Webb, and no excuses for the Texans to put together a big-time game on the ground. Foster should be fresh (it feels like he barely played against the Packers), and Ben Tate will be healthier. Many will be looking for bounce-back efforts on defense for Houston, but the onus is on Myers and Duane Brown to punish Baltimore on the ground.

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Modest Chris Myers has growing profile

Offensive linemen are often some of the most fun, funny and smart players in an NFL locker room.

Reporters -- and fans -- tend to rely on at least one as a key team spokesman who can address issues that extend well beyond pass protection or room for the running backs.

But some lines are intentionally quiet, believing that any voice that emerges as louder than the others in a group of five can dent the cohesion necessary for five guys -- maybe not literally, but certainly in a symbolic way.

Eric Winston’s tenure with the Houston Texans dated back to 2006, and he never shied away from a microphone or a tape recorder. The team cut him at the start of the offseason in a cost-cutting move, and he’s now with Kansas City.

The line’s personality changed a little with the move.

Center Chris Myers signed a four-year, $25 million contract to stay in Houston including $14 million guaranteed. While left tackle Duane Brown landed a monster deal during training camp and rates as one of the best in the league at his position, it’s Myers who was the group’s quiet leader even with Winston around.

And it’s Myers who will be looked to more to explain things going forward.

“That’s not really Myers’ personality,” Rashad Butler, who lost the right tackle job to Derek Newton in camp, told me during the offseason. “Now since Eric’s gone, and this is not a knock against Eric, I just think we don’t have that type of guy on the offensive line now. Eric was that guy, he loved that, he loved to talk, to debate and things of that nature, not in a bad way. I don’t really see us having any guy now on the offensive line that has that personality that Eric had.”

I feel like I’ve gotten a better sense of Myers over the last couple years. He’s smart, gritty and intensely focused. Those are qualities you want in any player and certainly in a center. Chatting with the likes of me is part of his job and he’ll do it, but it certainly wouldn’t make the list of his favorite duties.

In July, he said he treated training camp like it was his first and his last. He learned the offense all over again and took detailed notes during install as a rookie would while also being paranoid that he was a veteran whose job was on the line and it could be his last time.

“I’ve never been a big media guy,” he said. “If there are things going wrong in the season, I view it as there is nothing to talk about. Spend your time getting better as an offensive line. You’re a unit, there shouldn’t be one or two guys out there kind of doing the whole media thing.

“I’m a firm believer in that, but I do understand the business side of it and the media side of it. Somebody has to speak. I don’t like it, I’m not a huge fan of it. I will do it for the time being. The offensive line just needs to go out there and work. Whatever perceptions positive or negative come out of it, that we don’t talk, we don’t care.”

I respect that stance and explanation.

But I think team accountability is reflected, at least to a degree, in public accountability.

If a guy is reluctant to talk during the week, that's one thing. A player’s willingness to talk after a game is what people should be most concerned with, as fans are eager to know what happened and why. There are big egos in the business, no matter how one unit on one team may try to suppress that. And part of what wins the continued respect of teammates is the way a guy might step out to accept blame for errors or spread credit for success.

“I’ll talk after a game,” Myers said, before shifting to the bigger picture. “Last season and the season before when Arian Foster was blowing up, everyone wanted to talk about the offensive line. So there was a lot more media attention on the offensive line and I’m not a big fan of that.

"Obviously the attention’s great. But with us having to talk and do interviews and personal type of things, appear on the coverage of programs and those type of things, obviously I’m not a huge fan of that. I think we should just get the whole accolades as an offensive line. But me, Duane and Wade Smith being vets, we do understand the process.”

Last year's line made the Texans go, and nothing schematically has changed so that should be the case again, even with new starters Antoine Caldwell and Newton on the right side. Hopefully for Houston, Myers and crew will be in position to decline interview requests often.

It'll mean they're playing great.

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