Gino Torretta

VIDEO: Gino Torretta to Andre Johnson highlights Miami’s spring game

There aren't many programs that can trot out a former Heisman Trophy winner to throw a touchdown to a future Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver during the spring game like Miami can.

Like Cal letting Marshawn Lynch score during the spring game, Miami had an alumni touchdown as well. Gino Torretta, the 1992 Heisman Trophy winner, put on a jersey and took a snap from former All-American center Brett Romberg, and threw deep to Houston Texans star receiver Andre Johnson, also wearing a Miami jersey.

It shouldn't be a surprise that the duo hooked up for the score, considering the defenders were probably told they'd never be allowed on campus again if they even thought about hitting Johnson. And Torretta looks like he can still throw the ball a bit more than 20 years after winning his Heisman (which should have gone to Marshall Faulk, but that's another story).

Miami always has former players come back around the current team, often working out in the offseason with them. It doesn't hurt that the school is located in Miami. Why wouldn't players want to come back? You can see the Miami players come off the sideline to congratulate Johnson on his easy touchdown, and the whole idea of former Hurricanes stars hanging around the program is a pretty fun thing for the current players.

This is actually a pretty cool trend of having famous alums come back for ceremonial spring game plays. Seeing as how it is fun and harmless, expect the NCAA to step in and stop it soon.

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