Thurston Armbrister Has Another Solid Showing

Thurston Armbrister looked good all night for the Jaguars. He had great burst on the field, closing in on the opposition and managing to wrap them up in the three tackles he was a part of.

It’s clear that he has become one of the better depth linebackers for the Jaguars so far this preseason. I would like to see better consistency from his play, though. I viewed him as a bit slow to diagnose and move in Week 1 of the preseason, but he really turned it on against the Giants this week.

The Jaguars are becoming thin at linebacker and will need players like Armbrister to step up if they hope to keep a strong rotation on the field. The rookie linebacker may have showed enough in Week 2 of the preseason to warrant another look from the Jacksonville Jaguars front office and coaching staff before deciding whether to cut or keep him.

I saw potential from Armbrister that I really liked in this game. I want to see him put it all out on the field the final two games as well to prove that he really can be someone on this team in 2015.

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