Antrel Rolle likes the chemistry of the new-look Giants

The Giants brought in a lot of new faces this offseason, particularly in the secondary. Usually it takes some time for pieces to meld together in such situations, but Antrel Rolle said the Giants’ chemistry is so good right now it actually tops what he has experienced in previous years when there was far less roster turnover.

“I think this group and this unit that we have here is definitely a closer unit than we’ve had in the past,” Rolle said. “Everyone had their own thing going on but when you find guys that want to hang out with other players, it doesn’t matter what it is, just to get another guy off the field, get to know his mind, what triggers his mind. So far it’s been good for us.”

Rolle said that can only help on the field, especially in terms of communication. He pointed to the relationship he has with Jon Beason and Stevie Brown, saying that he can just share a look with those players and they will know what he’s thinking.

The key, of course, is getting the other new players up to speed on that non-verbal language. And it begins at this time of the year.

“Whether it’s going to watch the basketball game or picking up a game of basketball or even playing cards or shooting pool, I think the guys have collectively been in tune with one another,” Rolle said. “We’ve been hanging out a lot, we’ve been doing a lot of down time just relaxing, chilling, getting to know each other off the field. The new guys that have joined the Giants team this year, they’ve been embracing it and they’ve been having a ball with it.”

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