Seahawks encouraged by Jimmy Graham’s blocking

Tight end Jimmy Graham is going from an offense that didn’t ask him to block all that much to an offense that will ask him to do so far more frequently.

Early returns on Graham’s blocking ability from the Seahawks have been mostly positive.

“I think Jimmy is going to be fine,” offensive line coach Tom Cable said Tuesday. “He cares so much. The only setback was missing that first week so some of the foundational stuff he missed out on and we will catch him up on that – he kind of came back right in the middle of the install. If anything that is maybe where he is a little bit behind. But I think he is doing wonderful and maybe is a lot more than people understood him to be and he certainly has proven that every day here.”

The sentiment from Graham is that he’s fully capable of being a good blocker, he just hasn’t been asked to very often.

“Listen man, I’m 270 pounds,” Graham said. “I can block anybody I want to. It’s all about want to.”

Marshawn Lynch is still set to be the team’s primary offensive cog and will work off their rushing attack. By nature, Graham will have to line up and block more frequently. It’s a task he’s happy to accept.

“Personally, I’m excited to block. When you go in the game and you’re guarded by corners and safeties for most of your career and you keep getting doubled, that’s never a good thing. I know that’s just going to help this offense out. It’ll help give looks to where guys can’t stack the box with 10 guys.

“So for me, it’s all positive. I can’t wait. That’s what I’ve been focusing on since I got here. The routes and the passing offense, that obviously comes natural. So for me, it about focusing on what they’re trying to do here, which is the running game. It’s the staple of this offense and I’m proud the be a part of it.”

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