Lamar Miller continues to outplay D. Thomas

Lamar Miller rushed eight times for 35 yards and caught a two-yard pass in the Dolphins' Saturday night preseason game against the Bucs.
We keyed on Miller (and Daniel Thomas) in the game, and Miller was not only impressive on his rushing attempts, he excelled in blitz pickups and made a difficult reception on a throw behind him made by Ryan Tannehill. Based on preseason usage, it appears the Fins will open the year with a possession-by-possession rotation of Miller and Thomas that probably won't last because Miller is the clear-cut superior player. Through four preseason games, Miller has 17 carries for 72 yards (4.24 YPC) and one touchdown. He's caught four passes. Miller has also received more deep red-zone carries than Thomas, and was Miami's go-to back in the two-minute offense Saturday night.

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