Bears' Martellus Bennett: Jimmy Graham 'can't block worth (expletive)'

Martellus Bennett, like his brother in Seattle, has never shied away from saying what's on his mind. On Thursday, the Bears tight end opened up about an issue that is apparently weighing on him.

And, in the process of opening up, Bennett had some not-so-kind things to say about other tight ends around the league, including Jimmy Graham of the Seahawks.

"You see Jimmy [Graham]. Jimmy can't block worth shit," Bennett said, via ESPN. "They get a lot of credit and a lot of love. But Julius Thomas doesn't block anybody. Antonio Gates doesn't really block anybody. But they do a great job in the passing game. It all depends on the system that they're in."

Oh, and while we're on the topic, Bennett also doesn't seem entirely happy about his role in Chicago's system, saying that he's the team's third or fourth target and "that's the way it's been" his entire career.

"I have to kick ass at the line of scrimmage and kick ass down the field," Bennett said. "Those guys are pass-catching tight ends and they get that freedom to run down the field. Nobody is asking them to pass protect or be one-on-one with the No. 1 pass-rusher."

In many ways, Bennett is correct. I won't use the same language that he used, but he's right about Graham's nonexistent blocking. Thomas was signed by the Jaguars to catch passes, not block. And, he's right that Gates is one of the Chargers' top targets (for what it's worth, Bennett heaped praised on Gates, saying that he's "always loved" him).

Bennett also happens to be correct about his role in Adam Gase's offense. Bennett is often asked to block and he is a dual-threat. Unfortunately, the part where Bennett's argument loses some steam is his claim that he's the third or fourth target on the team. So far this season, Bennett is actually the Bears' leader in targets with 58, though that high number is related to Alshon Jeffery's injury woes.

But Bennett seems to be upset about the recent dip in his production, as he's caught only 13 passes in the last three games.

"I have a lot of responsibilities in the offense," Bennett said. "You guys have to talk to Jay Cutler and [offensive coordinator] Adam Gase about [if my role has changed in recent weeks]. I'm just trying to be a really good employee. That's all. I'm not really tripping. Whatever they ask me to do is what I do. At some point they have to come my way but until they do there is nothing I can do about it. I'm open, so.

"[I don't want to] be a bad employee. I just keep my head down and go to work. Because when you say something you become the asshole even if it's a valid point. So I just avoid drama. They don't pay the asshole. At this point I just want to be a really good employee."

It's worth noting that Bennett, who held out this summer, is under contract with the Bears until the end of the 2016 season. It's also worth noting that Bennett's targets could drop next season when first-round pick Kevin White, a wide receiver, returns from an injury that could wind up sidelining him for his entire rookie season.

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