Jon Beason turns up heat on rehab

The dichotomy between Jon Beason's rehab slate and Odell Beckham's was something to behold on Sunday afternoon. The two were working on the same side field but couldn't have looked more different after their workouts.

Jon Beason was going full speed. He was tracking down balls, doing some intricate agility workouts and breaking out into sprints.

Beckham, on the other hand, jogged around the field at 1/4 speed, caught some jogging routes and did some upper body work with a thick set of ropes near the indoor facility.

Needless to say, there seemed to be more optimism about Beason suiting up in the next two weeks than Beckham. Tom Coughlin sounded like a coach at the end of his rope when asked about Beckham possibly being saved up for the regular season at this point.

"I would like the next time someone asks me that to have him out there practicing so I don't have to answer," he said. "You know as much as I do! You're out here watching him every day too! That's all I can tell you. I would like to see the young man practice before he got into the regular season. That would certainly be a good thing."

On Beason, Coughlin says he hasn't gotten any recent updates.

"I don't ask (the medical staff) every day," Coughlin said. "They don't tell me every day. He works on the side and occasionally I'll be close enough to ask him how he's doing or in a meeting I'll say something to him, but his responses are all positive. I feel good. I'm going to do this and this today. Only one time did he say he was a little sore. Everything else has been stuff you would find encouraging."

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