Jon Beason Reportedly Pricing Himself Out of New York Giants’ Range

One of the big offseason focuses for the New York Giants has been re-signing linebacker Jon Beason — something that was once considered their top priority. But with the official start to free agency looming, a deal between the two sides has not been struck and Beason has become an unrestricted free agent.

One of the problems, suggests Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network, is Beason's asking price, which is said to be outside of the Giants' range.

One of the surprises of free agency was Jon Beason not re-signing with Giants _ at least yet, Representing yourself in talks can be shaky

Just told he's asking too much for NYG ... MT @APTCan One surprise of free agency is Jon Beason not re-signing with Giants_at least yet

Previously, Beason hinted that money wasn't much of an issue. Rather, he felt proud to be a part of the Giants organization and had said many times he'd love to re-sign. In his own words, it wasn't about money, but rather, all "about winning."

"Being a free agent, it’s the first time where you get to choose where you want to play or who you want to play with and all of that stuff," Beason said. "But when you come to a place like the New York Giants, there are high standards, there are great players and this team has done it on a consistent level, so for me it’s all about winning at this point in my career."

Although Beason is asking too much for the Giants at the moment, it doesn't necessarily mean that bridge has been burned or that there's no going back. The reality is, Beason gambled when he opted to represent himself, and may soon find that the market doesn't support his asking price. If and when that happens, expect he and the Giants to rekindle their contract negotiations.

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