Chris Perez could be facing additional drug testing

DETROIT -- Indians' closer Chris Perez played catch for just the second day since he was placed on the disabled list, but he could be facing additional drug testing by Major League Baseball after police found what is believed to be marijuana in a search of his Rocky River residence on Tuesday.

Perez, the Indians' two-time All-Star closer, played catch at 90 feet Thursday at Progressive Field. It was just the second time he's thrown a baseball since going on the disabled list May 27 with a strained muscle in the rotator cuff of his right shoulder.

Rocky River police, U.S postal inspectors and the West Shore Enforcement Bureau found "a controlled delivery of drugs" to the home that Perez and his wife, Melanie, are renting. Rocky River police said later the substance was believed to be marijuana and it has been sent to a crime lab to be tested.

Perez and his wife were not arrested and no charges were filed.

As part of MLB's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program, marijuana is listed as a drug of abuse. Players are not tested for such drugs unless there is reasonable cause by either the team or the players association that the player has in the last 12 months "engaged in the use, possession, sale or distribution of a drug of abuse."

If the program's treatment board receives a "reasonable cause notification" from either side about a player, and the board agrees with it, the player would be tested no later than 48 hours after the board was notified. If the player tests positive, a treatment program would be provided which could include further testing.
A player who failed to comply with the program or continued to fail tests could be fined up to $35,000 for each violation. The player would not be subject to a suspension.

According to sources, the Indians are unlikely to pursue such a course of action against Perez even if charges are filed against him. In MLB's fight against PEDS, marijuana is at the bottom of its hit list.

Perez and all other MLB players are subject to the strictest drug testing in professional spots in North America. Starting on the first day of spring training, they are tested for performance enhancing drugs, stimulants and HGH. Perez has never had a positive test.

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