Warren Sapp charged after he ‘bit, stomped’ on girlfriend

Removed from his perch at NFL Network and from the public spotlight, Warren Sapp still can’t avoid troubles that drag his name through the muck.

The Hall of Fame defensive tackle reportedly has been charged with three counts of domestic violence stemming from an April incident in Las Vegas during which he allegedly bit his longtime girlfriend and stomped on her head.

According to TMZ, Sapp — last seen being arrested on charges of solicitation and assault while covering the Super Bowl in Phoenix — was involved in a lengthy fight with Chalyce Moore at the M Resort on April 28.

The police report states Sapp threw a margarita in her face at the resort before the two drove to Moore’s condo.

Moore allegedly told Sapp to exit the car, at which time he bit her middle finger. The violence only escalated when they arrived at her home.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Moore, after throwing a belt at Sapp, ended up on the floor. The 42-year-old Sapp then stomped on her face with his sandal-clad feet. The checkerboard pattern on the sole, according to Moore’s friend’s statement to police, was imprinted on Moore’s temple.

Moore’s litany of injuries, according to her friend’s statement: a lower-lip bruise, shoulder and leg bruises and a stiff neck. Moore also vomited after the fight, leading the friend to believe Moore suffered a concussion.

After his 13-year NFL career, Sapp had latched on to a cushy NFL Network gig as an analyst, but was canned after his Super Bowl arrest. The former superstar, who racked up 96.5 sacks in his storied career, is due in court July 23.

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