LaDarius Gunter has a mentor in Sam Shields

Green Bay — Tramon Williams is gone, but life goes on for Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields.

Same meeting room, same Joe Whitt, same defense.

"I still sit in the same seat, coach still talks the same," Shields said.

The difference is that Shields, 27 and in his sixth year, is the oldest player in the room. The young guys look to him for guidance, not to the venerable Williams.

The only thing is Shields isn't a big talker in meetings.

"When I see something on film, I'll put my input in," he said. "Coach likes that. I'm not a real loud guy, I'll just pull them aside (to say something)."

Someone Shields has had a natural bond with is rookie LaDarius Gunter, who joined the Packers as an undrafted free agent out of Miami just as Shields had. Gunter signed in part because of Shields' story.

The 6-1½, 201-pound Gunter had a pretty good spring and was rewarded with an elevated position going into training camp. With second-round pick Quentin Rollins missing the first three days with a hamstring injury, Gunter worked as the No. 4 cornerback behind Shields, Casey Hayward and first-round pick Damarious Randall.

Gunter probably didn't get drafted because he ran a slow 4.65-second 40-yard dash, but he thrived at Miami by being physical at the line of scrimmage. His long arms and strong hands have given even Jordy Nelson trouble at the line.

"He's long," Shields said. "He's long and strong. People have trouble getting off the line with him. I just say use that to your strength."

Shields said he also told Gunter he had to perform on special teams. Rookies don't make the team unless they can play special teams. He said Gunter takes everything he says to heart.

"He's quiet," Shields said. "All he does is listen. He don't talk back. When he listens, he corrects his mistakes. That's something that being an undrafted free agent, you have to do that. You just bite a lot of bullets and keep working."

As for Shields' season, he has plenty of things to work on. He has gotten away with a few bad habits because he's so fast. He needs to be more consistent. He could work on playing run defense a little more, too.

Because he's the best corner the Packers have, he occasionally may follow the other team's best receiver around the field, something Williams did some in his prime.

"I'm very comfortable (doing that)," Shields said. "I did it before, just for a little bit. Not too much, but it's nothing I haven't seen before. I've been out there to guard those type of guys before."

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