Brotherly love as Hester preps for Bears

Atlanta Falcons receiver/return specialist Devin Hester, who was a second-round draft pick of Chicago in 2006, is looking forward to facing his former team Sunday when the Bears visit the Georgia Dome.

"It's going to be like when you grow up with your brother and he's in the 12th grade and you're in the 11th grade but for some reason, you’re going to opposite schools," Hester said. "It's like he got sent to a private school and I went to a regular school, and now we end up playing each other."

An unhappy Hester had a mutual parting with the Bears, and he has since been rejuvenated while excelling at receiver and in the return game for the Falcons.

Bears cornerback Tim Jennings is one of the "brothers" Hester is looking forward to seeing. And Jennings certainly is looking forward to facing Hester.

"Hell yeah I miss D, man," Jennings said Tuesday. "I'm out here mad every week because I see how happy he is and all the success he's having. I'm happy for him, but he's supposed to be doing that with us."

The Bears will have a tough enough time contending with Julio Jones and Roddy White, but Jennings talked about the key to keeping Hester from impacting the game on offense.

"We all knew he was capable as a receiver, we just didn't know how he was going to do it," Jennings said. "Atlanta is putting him in great situations, giving him opportunities to get the ball and letting him do what he does after getting the ball in his hands.

"The best thing you can do is not allow him to have the ball. That's easier said than done. We know the danger that he is once he gets the ball in his hands. The only way I can tell you to stop him is to not let him get started."

Hester, who asked not to play receiver for the Bears last season, has 14 catches for 212 yards and a 36-yard touchdown for the Falcons through five games. He's also scored on a 20-yard reverse and a 62-yard punt return.

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