Jon Beason thinks he'll suit up for Giants vs. Falcons

EAST RUTHERFORD – Giants linebacker Jon Beason has changed shoes more times than he'd care to this season. He likened finding the right cleats to the search for a dress shoe, most of which are far too narrow for him.

Beason always liked his cleats to be air-tight, but after a sesamoid injury in June, which he aggravated in a Week 2 loss to the Cardinals, he knew he would have to re-evaluate his footwear. A process that brings us to this Sunday.

"There will be an adjustment period, but I feel good about it," Beason said.

He feels good because he'll likely be in the lineup Sunday ("Yeah, I think so," was his official answer). The team's captain and middle linebacker will, at the least, rotate in with Jameel McClain in the center of the defense.

"We just bring him along accordingly," said Coughlin, who would not go as far as admitting that Beason would start on Sunday. "He doesn’t take all the snaps the first day he’s back, he takes a few more the second day and we assess that."

Coughlin has said all along that Beason will need to manage pain throughout the season. He opted not to get surgery following his second injury, during Week 2, and submitted to a long season where his threshold will certainly be tested.

"Yeah, you know, you break scar tissue," he said. "We didn't have the surgery so the scarring was actually the repair, if that makes sense. There wasn't as much pain as the first time when it was a soft-tissue injury. You break the scar tissue so I don't have a lot of play in my toe. That is the big hold up. I need by big toe to play football and push off, pivot. You try and compensate for a lack thereof."

In the meantime, he'll try and find the right cleats.

Having Beason in the fold is just another insurance policy against Atlanta's platoon of running backs. Though their offensive line is in a bit of disarray, there's enough firepower there to change the game.

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