GIF: Colin Kaepernick takes a big shot from Brandon Meriweather

One of the reasons that Colin Kaepernick was so successful for the San Francisco 49ers last year as they made their improbable run to the Super Bowl was his elusiveness. He never really took a lot of shots last season from defenses.

But, we sort of knew coming into this season that opposing coordinators would find some schemes to implement that would put Kaepernick in the position to take some cracks.

Tonight, of all people, Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather got one of those shots.

Now Meriweather is one of the guys that has been at the forefront of this whole targeting initiative. He’s notorious for going in on the person with the ball with some bad intentions.

Tonight, though, this hit on Kaepernick was completely okay. Well, it was for Meriweather at least, not so much for Colin:

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