Jon Beason wants to flag quarterbacks for making dangerous throws

During the last few years when Jon Beason has been doing more watching than playing, he’s obviously had time to think about the greater good of the game.

And after campaigning unsuccessfully earlier in training camp for more contact instead of less, he has now come up with an idea even more revolutionary and less likely to be implemented.

Via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News, the Giants middle linebacker said the answer to curbing big hits to defenseless receivers could rest with the guy throwing the ball rather than the guy doing the hitting.

“In my opinion, I think they should flag the quarterbacks for throwing the ball there,” Beason said. “Back in the day, certain routes in certain coverages said I could not throw this seam route because it’s cover-4, safety’s sitting right on top of there, I don’t want to get my guy killed. . . . Now that doesn’t happen, and that’s partly because a flag for a helmet-to-helmet or other big hit sometimes functions as a reward for the offense.

“Now you throw the ball, guys get hit, they may be hurt, maybe not. You roll around, the flag comes out. Well, it’s a good play for the offense . . . So you play to the rules. I think the onus should be on the quarterbacks not to throw those balls. Then we wouldn’t have those collisions.”

Beason was reportedly “half-joking” when he said it, because he’s smart enough to know such an idea would never fly.

Or maybe he was just thinking about the potential fines his new teammate Brandon Meriweather would collect if he had to take the field for the Giants this year.

Either way, putting the responsibility for dangerous throws on the quarterback is an idea only a linebacker could come up with.

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