Kellen Winslow looking to cut down on pitch count

Now that Kellen Winslow’s getting in better football shape, the tight end expects the Jets to ease up on his pitch count.

“I’m feeling a lot better,” he told Newsday, following his fourth straight day of practice. “The pitch count for me, in my eyes, was mainly for training camp because training camp is such a grind. But I am starting to get more in football shape and more rest, so I don’t need as many pitch counts, per se. Just get any rest.”

Have there been days where the trainers have tried to keep him out of practice and Winslow refused?

“Yeah, that was today,” he said with a laugh, adding that he was scheduled to spend Thursday’s practice in the rehab area.

“You know what you need to get ready,” he said. “You just know what you need. So I had to go today and get what I needed.”

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