Reggie Wayne to take next step in rehab

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne is on the verge of taking the next step in his rehabilitation.

Wayne, out for the final 10 games of the season with a torn ACL, will start doing straight ahead running the week of January 25. He gave the update on his weekly radio show on WNDE 1260-AM in Indianapolis.

“Feel very good,” Wayne said on his show. “Ahead of schedule and that’s all I can ask for ... I’ve been walking quite often. That’s basically the next phase, I get to run on the treadmill.”

Wayne knows people doubt his ability to recover from ACL surgery. The 35-year-old Wayne used to let those comments fuel him, but not anymore. He doesn’t need the extra motivation.

“At one point in time in my career it would have really upset me but I’ve been hearing stuff like that so much whether I’m able to do it, can I come back from it,” Wayne said on WNDE. “I’m to the point I don’t really need that stuff to fuel me. I’m already self-motivated.”

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