Clive Walford Not Backing Down From a Challenge

Rookie TE Clive Walfordicon-article-link spoke to the media Tuesday, following the team’s practice session.

The former Miami Hurricane has been impressive during the offseason and is looking forward to continuing his football education in Silver and Black.

Here are the highlights from his time behind the microphone.

He Won’t Back Down From a Challenge
Adjusting to the NFL game has proven to be a challenge for the rookie, but it’s a challenge he’s not backing down from.

“It’s a challenge. I’m up for it, though. It’s a lot of plays that I have to learn and a lot of different positions that I have to acquire.”
He Sees Some Familiar Offensive Aspects

“Pretty similar to what we did in Miami [Fla.]. I lot of tight end-friendly stuff. It’s just a lot of roles that I’ve got to understand and get the knowledge of.”

Work Doesn’t Stop When he Leaves the Facility
Walford has a lot to do to prepare for his rookie campaign in Silver and Black, and just because he’s done in the facility doesn’t mean his work for the day is done.
“I mean, 30 [minutes] to an hour at night, just going over my plays, looking at my iPad, testing myself. Every day since I’ve been here, I’ve been doing that every night.”

He’s Faster Than You Think
“I’d say I have game speed, playing speed. It didn’t really show up at the Combine, but when the ball is snapped, I just change my speed and play with a burst.”

He Takes Pride in his Blocking
“I love it, because people don’t really respect blocking, blocking tight ends, and I take a lot of pride in blocking. I take a lot of focus when I’m out there. I try to make sure I have the right hand placement and am taking the right foot steps and what not to make myself successful in the run game."

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