Ed Reed disagrees with Randy Moss' assessment of himself

NEW ORLEANS -- Randy Moss has considerable convincing to do in Super Bowl XLVII against Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed, who took a swipe at Moss purporting himself to be "the greatest receiver to ever play'' since Jerry Rice "never pulled his pants down in a touchdown celebration.''

Actually, Moss only pantomimed mooning Green Bay Packers fans after his 34-yard touchdown catch during Minnesota's 31-17 win in a 2005 wild-card game at Lambeau Field.

But Reed made it quite clear why Jerry Rice was the greatest pass catcher ever, which should make for some interesting exchanges down the Superdome field when Reed is bracketing Moss in Baltimore's usual single-high safety looks.

"I watched Jerry Rice, man. And I have a lot of respect for Randy Moss,'' Reed said Thursday at the Ravens team hotel. "But I've watched Jerry Rice and his work ethic on and off the field and how he's represented the game.

"He has never pulled his pants down in a touchdown celebration and done certain things to diminish his legacy.''

Moss said during Tuesday's Media Day, "I really think I'm the greatest receiver to ever play the game.''

But greatness means a lot more to Reed, 34, than just the sheer numbers edge Rice owns on Moss. Rice is first in receiving yards with 22,895 while Moss is third with 15,292. Rice is first and Moss second in touchdown catches with 197 to 156 for Moss.

"You have to play the game a certain way before you consider yourself to be somebody like that,'' Reed said. "He is a great receiver and has been a great receiver for a long time. But you have guys out there like Lynn Swann and Jerry Rice, who really played the game, and Cris Carter.''

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