Clinton Portis: “I Don’t Hang My Head When I Look Back At My Career”

Clinton Portis the newest member of the of the ACC  Digital Network talks with The Drive about Nevin Shapiro and his dealing with the University of Miami.  We first ask him if Clinton new Nevin.

“No I didn’t meet Nevin until after I came back to Miami.  I was already in the NFL”

Next we talk about the in state rival Florida State and Jameis Winston.

“When you look at this kid and how he’s stepping in and leading this team and how the team is rallying around him it’s a beautiful thing”

“Hands down I think Florida State is the best team in the country”

We also get into the concussions that Clinton sustained over his career.  Suffering 10 concussions over his career he is greatly interested in the process of coming back from concussions.

“When you are playing it was always you’re just dinged up”

Back in the day you’d stand on the sidelines for a little bit and maybe you couldn’t see for a minute then they’d ask you ‘you ready to go back in’ and you would”

We close by talking about the Hurricane teams that Clinton played on.

“Hands down the team I played on was the best collegeicon1 team ever with Vince Wilfork, Ed Reed, Reggie Wayne…”

“What Butch Davis was building there was something special with the 98 recruiting class”

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