Shane Larkin To Boost Trade Value for Dallas Mavericks in Summer League

It was a lackluster rookie season for Dallas Mavericks point guard Shane Larkin. Larkin was aiming to prove all of his doubters wrong, but got put on the shelf with an ankle fracture just before summer league started.

But now we’re on the heels of summer league again, and Larkin is fresh and ready to go. He’s learned the dangers of getting off to a bad start, as well as the inhospitable conditions of head coach Rick Carlisle‘s doghouse. Of course, Larkin wants to get out of Carlisle’s doghouse and, at the very least, establish himself as a backup NBA point guard.

Circumstances this past season led to the former first-round draft pick falling out of the rotation completely, but this upcoming season can be different, especially if Larkin can get off to a hot start. Who knows? Maybe starting point guard Jose Calderon gets injured in the preseason, or Devin Harris bolts from Dallas for more money.

Either way, Larkin is basically getting a do-over in his sophomore season. Short in height but big in heart and talent, Larkin has what it takes to prove the doubters wrong. If he happens to boost his stock, that still probably won’t squeeze him into Carlisle’s veteran-heavy rotation, but it could benefit both parties, as the Mavericks can use Larkin as a trade piece and Larkin can get a fresh start elsewhere.

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