Is Frank Gore more or less likely to return to 49ers?

If the 49ers had landed Rob Chudzinski, who was Gore's offensive coordinator at Miami (and who is considered 'old-school Miami,' whatever the heck that means) I would have said the odds have improved. The way the staff has been assembled now – eh, I'm not sure it moves the needle in any particular direction. Frank Gore wants two things: 1.) to win a Super Bowl. 2.) To have another 1,000-yard season, which will get him beyond 12,000 for his career, a barometer for the hall of fame. If he feels he can do that with the 49ers, then it's a no-brainer. But he may keep his options open in March and determine if another teams gives him a better chance to meet his goals. Are the 49ers going to hand the keys to the kingdom to Carlos Hyde? Are they going to incorporate a zone-blocking or stretch running attack? These are questions Gore wants to know before making a decision. I've mentioned before: Gore wonders whether he could be the missing element in Indianapolis, which lacked a strong running game for most of the season.

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