Vinny Testaverde: NE the perfect place for Tebow

Vinny Testaverde said he had "goose bumps" Monday when he found out Tim Tebow was signing with the Patriots.

Testaverde, a part-time quarterback instructor at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., held clandestine workouts with Tebow in April in the Tampa area. At the time, Testaverde talked enthusiastically about improvements Tebow had made with his mechanics. Naturally, he was thrilled when he learned his fellow former Heisman winner -- and fellow ex-Jets quarterback -- would get a chance to re-start his career in New England.

"If I had to pick one team for him, it would be New England," he told late Monday. "It's for all the obvious reasons. [Bill] Belichick is a great coach. Being around Tom Brady and learning how to be a professional quarterback, a drop-back quarterback in a proven system, it'll be great for him. Josh McDaniels drafted him in Denver. Being around people that believe in him, that'll be huge."

Testaverde said he didn't want to sound anti-Jets; he just believes Tebow is in the perfect place.

"I'm not saying he's going to light the world on fire, but he'll have a chance to show the improvements and strides he's made," Testaverde said. "This is great news. I'm glad he's getting another shot to show people he has improved. I would've been disappointed if he didn't get a chance. Despite what a lot of people say, I think he can be a top quarterback in the league."

Testaverde spent a week with Tebow, fine-tuning some of his oft-criticized mechanics. Mostly, they cleaned up his footwork. That, Testaverde believes, was the root of his accuracy issues. They also worked on anticipation, ball placement and how to throw certain routes. His hope is that Tebow can get some playing time in the preseason to "work on his craft."

Testaverde has a unique perspective because he played in the New York and Boston (briefly) markets, and he also played for Belichick, whom he believes won't allow Tebow Mania to take over the team.

"I've been in that locker room; they leave distractions outside," he said. "I mean, there will always be a lot of media coverage because of Belichick and Brady, but I don't think Tebow's presence will add to it. I don't think it'll be a circus, if you will."

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