Allen Hurns staying hungry

With all Allen Hurns' accomplished his rookie season, you would excuse him if he allowed himself to begin to feel a least a little comfortable with his status in the NFL. After going undrafted in 2014 all Hurns did was become Jacksonville's most productive wide receiver as rookie.  

But for Hurns, there is no complacency. Not with the sting of going undrafted still serving as inspiration.

“That fire is always going to be within from a motivation standpoint,” Hurns said, according to the team's website.

To that end, Hurns spent six weeks during the offseason running routes by himself at a local Jacksonville high school. Jaguars receivers coach Jerry Sullivan says the work Hurns put in refining his route tree is evident during OTAs.

“He’s all about doing the little things,” Sullivan said.

Hurns, who caught 51 passes for 677 yards and a team-best six touchdowns last season, is committed to getting better. One way he plans to do that is by staying on the field. In contrast to Jacksonville's other two second-year receivers, Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson, Hurns hasn't been hampered by injuries.

“I pride myself on that,” Hurns said.

And while the former University of Miami standout has gone from longshot to offensive mainstay, he says he'll never forget how he got there.

"That’s one thing that will always be with me," Hurns said. "People say it doesn’t matter once you get into the league, and it really doesn’t, but at the end of the day there are times you think about it. Not getting drafted, it’s always going to stick with you.

“There are going to be days you’re going to wake up and it’s going to give you that fire.”

With that fire still going, it's clear to his coach what Hurns is after.

“He’s not satisfied to be just a player,” Sullivan said. “I think he wants elite status.”

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