Antoine Bethea: 'Reggie Wayne has special work ethic'

Antoine Bethea has praised Indianapolis Colts teammate Reggie Wayne's work ethic.

The wide receiver could become the 11th person in NFL history to score 80 touchdowns and record over 13,000 receiving yards in their career when the Colts face the Miami Dolphins today.

The safety told the team's official website: "You watch the game and it's, 'man, that's a spectacular catch'. Then you watch him in practice, he does that every day.

"The work ethic he puts in is special. You don't see that every day. Every organisation really doesn't have the honor of saying it has that type of leader.

"He's what an NFL Hall of Famer is, in my opinion. He's what every guy coming into this league wants to be. He's going to be one of 11 to reach that milestone."

Wayne, who was drafted by the Colts in 2001, has 13,159 receiving yards and 79 touchdowns in his 13-season career.

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