Drafting Reggie Wayne could pay off late in the season

Time for another buy-low asset from the Indianapolis Colts. Ahmad Bradshaw was the first subject; now, Reggie Wayne.

Before he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, Wayne was on pace for about 87 catches and 1,150 yards last year. Though the five-touchdown projected result would've been another disappointing total, the first two categories are ripe for point-per-reception utility.

Consider history: From 2009-2012, Wayne averaged the seventh most points per game (15.7) among wide receivers in PPR formats. He basically was continuing that excellence before hitting the sidelines.

In preseason action Saturday, Wayne had two catches taken back because of penalties. That plus the fact he was on the field for the first time in 10 months say he could show his vintage form sometime in October.

Don't overpay for a football player that turns 36 in November and is coming off a knee procedure. Wayne's current ADP of 33rd among non-PPR wideouts and 34th among PPR is a tad rich.

However, depending on how far he falls, those placements aren't outlandish. He's a borderline WR3 best drafted as a fourth.

Hakeem Nicks could steal a lot of Wayne's thunder early on. But if Wayne regains his stride, Nicks would more firmly inhabit the role of wideout No. 3 and have to compete with the tight ends, who remain a big factor for Andrew Luck.

If someone else takes Wayne and he tanks in the first half of the season, calling his frustrated owner would be a good idea. As his leg strength comes back, he could rack up receptions once again for one more useful fantasy stretch.

What this means for daily fantasy

At a $5,200 FantasyScore cost (10.4% of cap), Wayne is priced to play. Unfortunately, his knee probably won't be up to par yet, so he won't capitalize on the attractive Denver Broncos matchup. You're better off picking someone who's 100 percent.

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