Kellen Winslow backs Chris Johnson, rips Jets

Chris Johnson isn’t the only former Jet who thinks the team failed to put his talents to use.

Kellen Winslow Jr., who spent the 2013 season on the Jets, wrote on Twitter that he agrees with Johnson’s opinions about the dysfunction on the Jets. According to both Winslow and Johnson, decision-making was taken out of the hands of head coach Rex Ryan and given to General Manager John Idzik.

“Chris Johnson is not lying,” Winslow wrote. “My role was never explained to me. Wanted to help Geno/Jets as route runner. Politics got in the way. #Idzik”

The Jets were a mess during the Ryan-Idzik years, and there’s a widespread perception around the NFL that Idzik put Ryan in a no-win situation. That perception permeated the Jets’ locker room as well.

And that perception is why Ryan has landed on his feet as head coach of the Bills, while Idzik will likely never get another job as an NFL G.M.

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