Ed Reed talked gray hair with the president

Texans safety Ed Reed celebrated the Ravens Super Bowl season by rejoining his old team for a White House visit. President Barack Obama made a crack about how old Reed looked.

Reed was on the NFL Network’s NFL AM this morning and they were kind enough to share a transcript that included this section regarding his time with the president.

On meeting President Barack Obama:
“You can’t beat meeting the president. You cannot beat that at all. Having him converse with me, that was priceless. Right when we got on the bus, I had to call my grandmother and let her know that I just left the president’s office.”

On him and the president spending a few minutes talking to each other:
“He was just talking about the gray hair we had and I was telling him how the job will do it to you. He was like ‘I understand.’ People were making it seem like he was cracking on me. I was like ‘That’s the president, he can say whatever he wanted.’ I am spending five minutes of time right now with him and he is talking about me, talking to me. That is a conversation. We are talking.”

On the president making a joke about his gray hair:
“It is [the president talking about my hair]. That is why I smiled. Any other person, I probably would have cracked back on but [President Obama?] That was a conversation. I can take that any day.”

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