Anthony Chickillo Turning Heads

LATROBE -- July football doesn't normally involve Mike Tomlin acknowledging a rookie's performance, or even a rookie.

But when Tomlin was asked if sixth-round pick Anthony Chickillo showed him anything Thursday, Tomlin said, "Good work."

The outside linebacker caught Tomlin's eye during the backers-on-tight ends drill. Chickillo bested Cameron Clear, a 270-pound rookie tight end who just had his way with first-round pick Bud Dupree.

In the next period, a run-heavy team scrimmage, Chickillo seemingly dominated. In his series with the second team, Chickillo made a tackle-for-loss and another tackle at the line as he spent plenty of time in the opposing backfield.

In a later appearance against the first team, Chickillo beat Marcus Gilbert inside and had a bead on Le'Veon Bell, but Bell cut back sharply to the vacated side as Chickillo learned an NFL lesson.

The converted 4-3 and 3-4 defensive end from Miami also caught the eye of Steelers broadcast analyst Tunch Ilkin, who, during a live spot for Steelers Nation Radio, said, "If you came here knowing the Steelers drafted an outside linebacker in the first round, and these guys weren't wearing numbers, you would think that first-round pick was Anthony Chickillo."

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