Jason Fox Doesn't Expect To Start Over Thomas

Depending on who’s counting, Dallas Thomas was responsible for three or four sacks allowed in Sunday’s 28-13 loss to Baltimore.

But his backup, Jason Fox, said he expects Thomas to remain the starter.

“Yes, as far as I know,” said Fox when asked if he stay on the bench for Sunday’s game against the Patriots.

“Right now Ja’Wuan and Dallas are the starters and I want to root them on and wish them the best and if my name gets called I’m going to go out there and do the absolute best that I can,” Fox said.

Coach Joe Philbin has defended Thomas throughout the week and again today said he saw some good things from Thomas against the Ravens.

“There’s a lot of pictures in the game where he pass protected well to be honest with you,” Philbin said. “There are a lot of good pictures in the game. There are a few that aren’t very good. I think in the run game he’s been productive, but you have to remember there are 50 some odd plays in a game. We all sometimes get focused on the three or four bad ones, but there are a lot of good things.”

Thomas, speaking to reporters for the first time, said he’s never given up three sacks in any game at any level. He said his teammates have offered their support and that he’s moving on and focusing on the Patriots.

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