Bryant McKinnie Says He Only Parties During Offseason

Now that Bryant McKinnie is a Miami Dolphin many are questioning his commitment to the team as opposed to the South Beach party scene. McKinnie has been known in the past to frequent the Miami nightlife, but according to the offensive lineman, there’s stipulations to his party personality. The Miami Herald reports that McKinnie addressed his infamous partying ways to the media.

“That’s when I’m off. See, that’s Big Mac in the offseason. Bryant McKinnie is the person who comes to work and handles his business. That is what you’ll get right now.”

That’s all fine and well, but there have been more than one occasion where McKinnie was out during the regular and his partying ways got the best of him. Most recently it was a party bus incident with his former Ravens teammate Jacoby Jones. McKinnie’s new boss, Joe Philbin, is well aware of the off-field issues that surround his new star offensive lineman, and he addressed it as well.

“I don’t mandate what people do outside the building. I enjoy my free time when I have free time. We expect him to be a professional, just like we’d expect anyone.”

No doubt McKinnie realizes that he will be under close scrutiny from everyone, not just the Miami Dolphins, so all anyone can do is wait to see if this speeding train can find the brakes or if there will be a train wreck in the near future.

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