Jon Jay bringing new attitude to his fourth season

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(KSDK Sports) - Even before he took over the starting job in center field from Colby Rasmus, Jon Jay's demeanor was that of a young man having fun, who still hadn't fully come to grips with the fact that his dream of making it as a major leaguer was coming true.

It's true Jon.

And in year four of his career, it's possible that Jay understands he's arrived. The smile is still there, but there appears to be a new seriousness as well. That seriousness may be the result of unfinished business. Remember, the Cardinals were one win away from a return to the World Series. Jay wants to get back there. Bad.

Overall in 2012, Jay hit for a .305 avg. a .373 on base percentage a .400 slugging average with a .773 On Base plus Slugging percentage. That's certainly a respectable line score and already more than was expected from him coming into 2012.

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