Phillip Dorsett Quickly Impressing the Colts

First round pick Phillip Dorsett hasn't taken long to impress his new team.  The Colts' wide receiver is just two days in to OTAs with the team, but already he's catching the attention of coaches, players, and media.

"He looks really good," head coach Chuck Pagano told the media after Wednesday's practice.  "He's really fast.  He's got really good hands.  He's really smart.  He's picked things up.  He looks really good."

That was a theme echoed by Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.  Dorsett said that there's "no question" that playing with Luck makes the receiver better and that, "it definitely makes a difference.  All of his balls are catchable and he's so smart.  He knows what to do.  He knows where to put the ball."  Luck laughed when told of that statement and said that, "he has to be nice to me in the public.  You have to say those things."

The star quarterback is already impressed with the new receiver, however, and not just with his compliments off the field.  "It's definitely not too big for him," Luck said of Dorsett adjusting to the NFL game.  "He fits in very, very well.  That being said, it goes for all the rookies on the offensive side of the ball.  It's a bunch of guys doing some really, really good things and not missing a stride, not missing a beat.  So it's fun to get those guys in the fold and work with them."

Wednesday's OTA practice was open to the media, and Dorsett's play (and his speed) caught the attention of many in attendance.

When the Colts initially made the pick to draft Dorsett, it was greeted with near universal disdain by fans, but that feeling has softened over the past few weeks as fans have realized that the receiver is certainly a good player.  He was the top available guy on the Colts' board at pick number 29 and therefore they took him, and they really like him a lot.  After just a few workouts and two OTA sessions, he's already receiving praise from his coaches, his teammates, and the media alike.

For Dorsett, it's simply a dream come true.  "It's your dream," he said.  "It's been your dream your whole life and now that you're here it's unbelievable.  But now you have to take the next step and just go out there and do everything that you can to help this team win."  If the early reports out of Indianapolis are any indication, Phillip Dorsett will do just that.

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