Rob Chudzinski can interview starting Tuesday

We might have a little bit more clarity on the San Francisco 49ers search for an offensive coordinator. Not a lot, mind you, but at least a little bit. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Rob Chudzinski can start interviewing with other teams on Tuesday. This would seem to add confirmation to Alex Marvez's report last week that Chudzinski's contract expires today. It could be an end of day expiration.

The 49ers and St. Louis Rams are the two teams that have been consistently connected to Chudzinski. The 49ers have at one time or another been connected to Lane Kiffin and Mike Shanahan. Other than that, the only other name that has been mentioned by anybody is offensive assistant Geep Chryst. We have not heard any "reports" about it, but rather just basic discussion.

Bay Area Sports Guy put together his own predictions on the OC job, and he sees Chryst eventually getting the job:

Chryst is an in-house candidate who almost certainly would've taken the 49ers' offensive coordinator job if the team had offered it by now, so he would appear to be the fallback option in case Chud is either unavailable or says "no" to the 49ers. The team clearly likes Chryst, otherwise he would've been fired ...

Based on how respective searches for a head coach and defensive coordinator went - with the 49ers ultimately choosing guys they knew who weren't getting similar offers from other teams, Chryst makes the most sense. So that's my prediction, unless they're waiting to poach a Seahawks or Patriots assistant, or they end up surprising us with a hire from the college ranks.

I agree that Chryst is essentially a fallback option at this point. They could have locked him up for the job at virtually any time, so I don't see how he is the first choice at this point. Of course, if the 49ers decided Chryst was the guy for them, I am sure Jim Tomsula and the team will sell him as being the guy they wanted all along. But our finely tuned BS detectors will be hot on the scent!

Assuming Schefter's report is accurate, I suspect we'll start to hear something or other leak out later tomorrow. This would seem to indicate the process should wrap up by the end of the week, but we'll see what the next few days bring. Chud reportedly interviewed with the 49ers back in 2009, but turned down the job. Will we see something similar this year, or will they actually reel him in?

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