Vince Wilfork Guiding Defensive Line On Field and Off

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The signing of Vince Wilfork was indeed a notable one this offseason. The Texans had never had anyone with his resume man the middle of their defensive line. Little did they know they were adding to J.J. Watt’s family with his addition.

“Vince and I have, like, a brother relationship,” said Watt. “Like a younger brother older brother relationship.”

Watt said he is close to the veteran and talks everyday with him about life, football, and everything in between.

“It’s nice to be able to have a guy like that who I can talk to everyday about anything.”

Wilfork does some talking in the meeting room too.

After pointing out his ability on the field, Jared Crick noted that the veteran tackles sharpness and ability extends to the film sessions and even his position.

Crick lauded Wilfork’s ability to point out details that as an end Crick wouldn’t have been thinking about. The experience of Wilfork’s career leaving a mark on the defensive line.

“Like I said he’s a force on the field, he’s gonna be awesome on the field but he’s also awesome off.”

Watt and Wilfork toss a football to each other in the early parts of the workout before stretches. They do often display the jovial brotherhood but like any elder sibling, Wilfork knows when to get to business.

“Today he told me ‘why you messing around all the time man?’ At that moment I felt like the little brother that’s like ‘hey you wanna play? Like come on let’s go outside and play.'”

Watt said though Wilfork had dealt with enough and wanted to get back to work.

They’re never too serious though.

“We have fun, and that’s what’s fun about training camp…it’s the little things that people would never think are cool that we are going to remember for the rest of our lives.”

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