Greg Olsen on Deflategate: 'Huge mess over something relatively minor'

SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- The initial reaction of Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen about the league’s decision to uphold the four-game suspension of New England quarterback Tom Brady for his role in Deflategate wasn’t complimentary to anyone.

“My initial reaction is it seems to be a huge mess over something relatively minor," Olsen said Thursday as Carolina players reported to training camp at Wofford College. “We’re not privy to all the details. I didn’t read the Wells report. I didn’t read yesterday’s ruling. I don’t really care that much.

“It seems no one knows which direction we’re headed. Unfortunately, now the whole thing has to go to court, which is probably the last thing anybody wanted when this thing started."

Olsen added that the whole matter “could have been handled in a lot better fashion, probably, on all sides."

But he wasn’t underplaying the significance of deflating footballs, as the Patriots were accused of in the AFC Championship Game.

"Listen, there is no insignificance to cheating," Olsen said. “Cheating is cheating. Whether or not [Brady] did or not, I still think there is a little gray area. I don’t think it was inconclusive or conclusive. It’s hard to say whether it happened.

"They [NFL] seemed to think it did. They seem to think they have enough evidence to kind of tip the decision in that direction."

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