Warren Sapp reaches plea deal in Las Vegas domestic assault case

Warren Sapp may never work in television again, not because networks are wary of him, but because he’ll be too busy doing community service.

According to the Associated Press, the Hall of Famer avoided any jail time with a plea deal in the Las Vegas domestic violence case stemming from a scuffle with his girlfriend. Two more misdemeanor domestic violence charges were dismissed.

Sapp pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor domestic violence charge. He was fined $345 and ordered him to pay $2,555 in restitution, log 48 hours of community service and get six months of counseling. He was also ordered to stay away from the victim, and faces six months in jail if he violates the terms of the deal.

Sapp was charged in June with knocking his then-girlfriend down, biting her finger and stepping on her head in an altercation that began at a resort pool.

Coupled with the Super Bowl weekend prostitution bust in Arizona, it’s likely we’ve seen the last of Sapp on television, unless Court TV wants to turn him into a reality series.

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