Chase Ford thinks clock malfunction impacted last-minute interception

Vikings tight end Chase Ford said on Monday that rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater likely wouldn’t have thrown the a late fourth quarter interception against the Bears if he knew how much time was on the clock.

On the final Vikings possession, they dealt with a clock malfunction that occurred throughout the game as Soldier Field. The game clocks in the north and south end zones went dark with the Vikings trailing by eight points in the two-minute situation during the 21-13 loss.

“You definitely need the clock,” Ford said. “I’m sure if it was the other way, if the shoe was on the other foot, that clock would’ve been fixed. They would’ve found a way to fix the clock.”

Ford, who was on the field for the entire drive over tight end Kyle Rudolph, noted how the Bridgewater completed three passes over the middle following the two-minute warning and had no clue how much time remained in the game with the clock running. Following those completions, Bridgewater was picked off by safety Ryan Mundy with the Vikings facing a 2nd and 3 at the Bears’ 29.

“If the clock was working, and Teddy knew how much time there was, I don’t think he takes that chance on that play,” Ford said. “Maybe the next one or something, but on that play I don’t think he takes that chance.”

The interception occurred with 42 seconds left in the game, which Ford mentioned, “I still don’t know how much time was left when that picked was thrown.” Still, even with the clock issues and Bridgewater’s interception, Ford wasn’t using it as an excuse for the team’s sixth loss this season.

The Vikings offense had just 254 total yards on just 47 snaps. The offense was ineffective all game, scoring its only touchdown after a well-designed fake punt stopped seven yards short of the end zone.

“Either way, we came up short with the loss,” Ford said. “It shouldn’t have came down to that. We could’ve played better on the offensive side of the ball.”

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