Jeremy Shockey has fun with Sapp’s arrest

Warren Sapp’s arrest on Monday gave Jeremy Shockey a sense of schadenfreude.

Shockey and Sapp have long disliked each other, and they publicly feuded in 2012 when Sapp reported on NFL Network that he had a source telling him that Shockey was a “snitch” who informed the NFL about the Saints bounty scandal. The NFL later said Sapp’s report was wrong, and NFL Network informed Sapp that his job was to be a commentator, not a reporter.

So when Sapp was arrested in Phoenix for soliciting a prostitute the morning after the Super Bowl, Shockey gleefully “reported” that he had a “source” telling him of Sapp’s arrest.

Shockey has every right to be angry with Sapp over that “snitch” report three years ago, so it’s not surprising that Shockey is taking delight in Sapp’s misfortune now. Shockey won’t have to worry about Sapp saying anything bad about him again, as NFL Network fired Sapp hours after his arrest.

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