Frank Gore on Andrew Luck: He runs the huddle, I’ve never had that before

During 10 years with the 49ers, running back Frank Gore played with a lot of quarterbacks.

Some of them were better than others and he made playoff runs with both Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick running the offense, but no one’s going to confuse the members of that group with Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Now that Gore’s had a little time to work with Luck, it doesn’t come as a big surprise to learn that he thinks this will wind up being the best offense he’s been part of in the NFL.

“I think if we keep working and keep going and get that gelled, I think by far it can,” Gore said to Nate Burleson of NFL Media. “Especially with No. 12, man. I’m not knocking my other quarterbacks, I respect them other guys, but being around this guy a couple months, he’s a different breed. He’s smart. He makes me feel young. He runs the huddle. I never had that.”

It’s not a knock on any other quarterback Gore’s played with to say that Luck’s in a different class just as it isn’t a knock on his 49ers offenses to say that this Colts group is capable of bigger things than they produced. If the defense we saw in the AFC Championship Game hasn’t improved, though, Gore probably won’t go any farther than he did with the Niners.

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