Jacory Harris Placed on Practice Squad

Jacory Harris, the Miami Hurricanes product who played well in a pre-season game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on June 14, will be on the Edmonton Eskimos’ practice roster.

The Eskimos had a choice here. Reilly was the only option to start, but through Reed’s two-plus seasons as head coach in Edmonton, Joseph and his now 10-year CFL career (and a pro career that’s entering its 17th year) have had a snake-charming sort of affect on the coach.

Experience can get you out of a jam and is great in the present, Reed has always said. Given the inexperience that comes with three young quarterbacks (Reilly is 28 with three CFL starts to his name, Crompton is 25 and Harris is 23), that charm was still there, a 39-year-old in better shape than many regular folks half his age, doing his best in training camp to pull the coach in with his soothing tune.

“We feel very confident in Mike Reilly’s ability. We feel confident in Jonathan Crompton’s ability to grow into that position as a CFL quarterback and we feel very confident in Jacory Harris’s ability, too, to mature into a very capable CFL quarterback,” Reed said. “Under the grandfathering of Kerry Joseph, we feel we have a good crew there.”

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