Reggie Wayne impacts Colts by just showing up

INDIANAPOLIS -- Wide receiver Reggie Wayne has not taken a snap during the Indianapolis Colts' OTA workouts this year. But the veteran is expected to be ready to go when the 2014 regular season starts in September.

Wayne suffered a torn ACL in last season's winicon1 over Denver and missed the remainder of the year. He underwent surgery in late October and has been cleared to return to the practice field.

But Indianapolis officials have decided to take it easy on the 35-year old for the time being. They aren't worried about his return to the starting lineup. But they are being cautious in an attempt to avoid any potential issues heading into training camp.

Still, just having Wayne around has been an educationalicon1 experience for all the other Colts receivers and tight ends. Seeing the work ethic that he has put in to return to action hasn't been lost on players like tight end Coby Fleener.

"He's an unbelievable player and I think that's due to his work ethic," Fleener said recently. "When it comes to him being injured, he wants to be on the field so bad. He's going to work as hard as possibly he can to get back.

"I think the amount of leadership and experience that Reggie brings to the table is something that is kind of understated. People don't talk enough about it. They talk about the amazing catches that he makes and the plays on the field. But really, he's like a coach on the field as well. Whether it's in practice, teaching the young guys or in the gamesicon1, helping me out with a call (that) I didn't hear. He's an amazing player and an amazing guy."

Quarterback Andrew Luck would agree.

"He's a freak," Luck admitted. "I'm not a doctor or a trainer, but I don't have any concerns about Reggie being ready to go when the season starts."

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