Jon Beason is still making an impact for the Giants, even from the sideline

EAST RUTHERFORD — The undisputed leader of the Giants' defense is no longer on the field. But linebacker Jon Beason is still making an impact, even after being placed on season-ending injured reserve 11 days ago. 

"He's still with us, and he helps. He's tremendous. He's a great leader," linebackers coach Jim Herrmann said Monday. "I love him as a person. He's so competitive. Just to have him out there, my eyes might be on this guy over there, and he can watch someone else. It helps."

So, it's almost like Beason is a coach now?

"Don't tell him that," Herrmann said with a laugh. "But the motivation point that he brings, is great for the whole group, the whole defense."

But still, the notion of Beason in a coaching capacity, or something akin to that, is bound to cause intrigue. 

Beason is universally loved by his coaches and teammates, and respected the media that covers the Giants. But the facts are the facts: Beason is 30-years-old, and his body has failed him over the last four years.

Beason has played more than five games just once in that span, and has been unavailable for a total of 51 regular season contests. And if the Giants cut Beason in the offseason, they can save over $5 million against the cap. 

All of that adds up to a murky on-field future going forward. Herrmann said he has not discussed the future with Beason, and he is not sure what his plans will be going forward.

But one thing is certain to Herrmann: Having Beason around is nothing but a positive.

"I think he's doing what he's always done," Herrmann said. "He's always been a great leader and an example to the younger guys throughout his whole career. He's doing that, just not out on the field (as a player)."

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