proCane rookies got their Madden ratings, and they're mad

2. Tevin Coleman, Falcons RB: 90. Solid paper tear.
3. Duke Johnson, Browns RB: 87. Paper crumple < paper tear.
4. Marcus Mariota, Titans QB: 84. Isn't he supposed to be non-emotional?
5. Philip Dorsett, Colts CB: 82. Incredulous laughter is always good.
6. T.J. Yeldon, Jaguars RB: 81: "Lord have mercy."
7. Devin Smith, Jets WR: 79. Very befuddled.
8. Jameis Winston, Bucs QB: 74. His initial body language would've put him higher, had he stayed the course. Too much eventual acceptance, though.
9. Amari Cooper, Raiders WR: 72. Businesslike.
10. Melvin Gordon, Chargers RB: 67. This is where the quality starts drops. "I feel it," is barely mad at all.
11. Todd Gurley, Rams RB: 55. Gurley takes an even bigger step down. He thinks his rating is pretty good!
12. Devin Funchess, Panthers WR: 47. The first legitimately happy dude on the list.
13. Kevin White, Bears WR: 46. The dance/double "check it out" combo puts him in the basement.

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