Check out Jimmy Graham pitching Degree deodorant ad

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is now a pitchman for Degree men's deodorant.

Graham tweeted out a link to a 30-second commercial that was posted to Youtube on Monday. Graham is also featured prominently in visual advertising on Degree Men social media profiles.

In the ad, Graham says, "Everything can be improved. Every block can be stronger, every catch harder to defend. We all do things we love, and when we improve the way we do them, it feels amazing."

Degree, in case you missed the connection, is improving its deodorant. The narrator takes a swipe at Old Spice just as Graham is dabbing his underarms with Degree.

Graham is part of the brand's "DO:MORE" campaign, and he was featured for his "relentless drive to always improve and do more."

Graham signed a four-year contract with the Saints last month that included a $12.5 million signing bonus. His hobby of flying was featured on the cover of Men's Journal.

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