Pat O'Donnell goes undercover and no one knew who he was

For how bad the Bears were last year, one would think that fans would be pretty familiar with the team’s punter.

However, while doing a little undercover work during the preseason, Bears punter Pat O’Donnell found out first hand just how unknown he was.

The Bears sent O’Donnell out into the training camp crowd at their Bourbonnais facilities asking fans what they thought of the team’s punter. A few had no idea who he was at all. Others successfully danced around the details all together.

For one fan, O’Donnell even pushed the envelope a little further. He asked the fan what he thought of the team’s “new” return man Anthony Adams.

Of course, Anthony Adams was a defensive lineman who has been retired for a few years now. Not only did the fan say they watched Adams at practice, but apparently he looked good.

With another rough looking season ahead, it’s pretty likely Bears fans will get familiar with O’Donnell soon.

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