Antrel Rolle guarantees he'll get a pick-six this season

EAST RUTHERFORD – The Giants defense is riding high, especially after trouncing the Redskins and taking the NFL lead in team interceptions.

Antrel Rolle has two of them, both of which came with big returns. He just doesn't have a pick-six...yet.

We say yet because, this morning, Rolle guaranteed that he would finish the season with a pick-six while doing a weekly spot on WFAN radio.

"I guarantee you, before the season is over, that I will get a pick-six," he said, going as far as to wager a steak dinner with the hosts of the talk show.

Of course, this is just a little off day fun for the Giants but it speaks to a larger theme. This team has not had the confidence to act this way in a very long time. They have not been able to call out opponents, brag about their own accomplishments or even allow themselves to reasonably think about the NFC East in more than a year.

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